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Amazing Parallels to Jesus and Holy Spirit

Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City

Amazing parallels today to Jesus and the Holy Spirit pointed out

Jack Corley on amazing parallels
Rev. Jack Corley. Photo (2024): Personal

Part 3 of a lecture given by Rev. Jack Corley, head of the East European sub-region of the Family Federation, at an international prayer meeting by Zoom on 3rd April 2024. The lecture is based on a presentation originally given at seminars in South Korea as a preparation for publishing a new version of the teachings of the Family Federation.

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I’ll keep reading [from a provisional translation from Korean of presentation by Dr. Hyeon-seob Do, the president of Sunhak UP Graduate University, Asan, South Korea]:

“As a result [of all these failures – see part 2], the Jewish leaders did not believe in Jesus. They slandered and criticized him, accusing him of being a lawbreaker, a blasphemer, a seditious agitator, and so on.”

In history, of course, there have been very unpleasant reactions or attitudes toward the Jewish people about crucifying Jesus. But when we understand, through the Unification Principles, that they weren’t even given a chance to understand who Jesus was, because the main people did not fulfill their providential duty, we realize that the Jewish people became victims of those failures.

John the Baptist
John the Baptist, 16th Century Russian icon painting in the Russian Museum. Photo: Michel Bakni / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

It’s important that we understand that the True Parents and Jesus were doing so many things to reach out. But important people like John the Baptist did not recognize their responsibility, and therefore Jesus was rejected.

I’ll continue:

“If Mary, Joseph, and Zechariah’s family, whom Heaven had prepared, had understood God’s Will and united to fulfill their responsibility to protect Jesus, the Only Begotten Daughter would have appeared […] at a time Heavenly Parent had prepared.”

If they had united, then Mary would have been able to introduce Jesus to his bride.

Let’s read a little more:

“As a result of the failure of the central figures and of the people to fulfill their responsibilities, the coming of the Only Begotten Daughter was thwarted and Jesus’ ideal to become the True Parent through the Holy Wedding – the Marriage Supper of the Lamb – could not be realized.”

Kramskoi Christ in the Wilderness
“Christ in the Wilderness”, by Ivan Kramskoi (1837-1887). Painting in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Public domain image. Cropped

The famous painting “Christ in the Wilderness”, by the Russian artist Ivan Kramskoi, is one of the pictures I feel represents Jesus. This is when he was in the desert fasting and praying for 40 days in order to make a new foundation. You can sense the sadness in his heart.

In the end Jesus became a sacrifice as his body was hung on a cross. This became, however, a condition for humanity’s salvation.

I’ll read some more:

“He walked a 40-day course of resurrection and pioneered the way to atone for the sins of all humankind.

The disciples who met the resurrected Jesus gathered again to fulfill the number of twelve disciples, believing in Jesus and following him. Thus they laid the foundation for Jesus, together with the Holy Spirit, to become the spiritual True Parents and to carry out the work of rebirth.

Despite the failure of the central figures and the people, the way of the cross that Jesus walked was a holy and noble course to give spiritual rebirth to all humankind.”

Of course, we talk about this as the secondary course. It was not meant to be the original course. But what is really important to also understand is that the real beginning of Christianity was not the death of Jesus or even his resurrection.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit
Lucas Franchoys, “The Descent of the Holy Spirit”, in Sint-Janskerk , Mechelen, Belgium. Photo: © Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC ASA 4.0 Int

Christianity really began when the disciples were in the upper room, fearful for their lives. Having betrayed or denied Jesus, they were afraid.

But when the Holy Spirit manifested in the form of a dove, they were transformed. They went out, and all except one gave their life to promote the message of Jesus. So they really had the spirit and the truth.

I’ll continue:

“However, Jesus, who was born as the Only Begotten Son, could not meet the Only Begotten Daughter and did not become the True Parent. He went the way of the cross and said he would come again and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The 2,000 years of Christian history began with the apostles who accepted and believed his words.

The Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and other believers who had gathered on the 50th day following Jesus’ resurrection. Filled with the Holy Spirit, they set out into the world to preach the gospel of Jesus in place of the Jewish people who were unable to attend the Only Begotten Son. Christianity was chosen and took the central role in Heavenly Parent’s providence.”

In the same way, after Father Moon ascended, Mother Moon continued the mission of the True Parents here on the earth in the position of the living Holy Spirit.

As you know, one of the prophecies about the future was about the moon turning to blood. According to the explanation of the Unification Principles, the moon symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Turning to blood means becoming a living being. We are at a time when Mother Moon is now such a being. We are so privileged that we can welcome her here to Europe in a very short time.

Continued in part 4 (final part).

See part 1, part 2, part 4

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