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Loophole Exploited to the Fullest

Norishige Kondo showing loophole

Japanese family structure creating loophole exploited by lawyers and faith-breakers Norishige Kondo (近藤徳茂), author and Deputy Director of the Legal Affairs Department of the Family Federation of Japan, spoke at a special symposium on the theme “Abduction and Confinement – Who Destroys Families?” 10th September 2023 at the Shibuya, Tokyo headquarters of the Family Federation of […]

50 Years since Communist Crackdown

Panel Bratislava 13th Nov. 2023

Communist crackdown in 1973 commemorated in Bratislava by Barbara Grabner 50 years ago, dozens of early members of the Unification Church, now called the Family Federation, in Czechoslovakia were arrested. To commemorate the unfolding drama unknown to the wider public, an event was organized 13th November 2023 in Bratislava, Slovakia for members and friends. Despite […]

Gross Human Rights Violations in Japan

Toru Goto in February 2008

The cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of Toru Goto for more than 12 years – one of thousands of human rights violations in Japan 2nd part of the amazing story of Toru Goto, told in his own words See part 1 Toru Goto (後藤徹) shared his story at a special symposium on the theme “Abduction […]

Heroic Battle against Evil Japanese Practise

Toru Goto

Toru Goto recalls his horrendous ordeal fighting evil Japanese practise – part 1 Read part 2 Toru Goto (後藤徹) is a victim of abduction, forcible detention for incredible 12 years and 5 months, during which time he was put under constant duress to give up his faith. He could tell his story in great detail […]

Kishida Administration Giving in to Terrorism

Hirohiko Mitsuma warning against giving in to terrorism

Prominent Japanese YouTube blogger claims Kishida is giving in to terrorism on Family Federation issue Tokyo, 15th November 2023 – Published as an article in the Japanese newspaper Sekai Nippo. Republished with permission. Translated from Japanese. Original article    – How do you see the request for the dissolution of the Family Federation? Interview with YouTuber Hirohiko Mitsuma […]

True Children’s Day Message from London

Dr. Michael Balcomb

A message from Dr. Michael Balcomb on becoming true children of God Message by Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of the Family Federation for Europe and the Middle East, given during the celebration of True Children’s Day, one of the Holy Days of the Family Federation, at the River South Community in London, UK 12th November […]

Disinformation Dispelled at Press Conference

Tomihiro Tanaka

Disinformation dispelled as new proposal is made and positive contributions emphasized Tomihiro Tanaka, the President of the Family Federation of Japan, spoke at a press conference 7th Nov. 2023 at the federation’s national headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo. Representatives of most of the Japanese media world were present and heard his comments on the situation since […]

Horrendous Persecution in Japan

Press conference Tokyo 7th Nov 2023

A reporter asks about the horrendous persecution largely created by the media At a press conference 7th Nov. 2023 at the national headquarters of the Family Federation in Shibuya, Tokyo, attended by most major Japanese news outlets, the president of the Family Federation of Japan, Tomihiro Tanaka, was asked about the wave of persecution members have experienced […]

Lawyers and Deprogrammers Hand in Hand

Escape from Kidnapping

A look behind the scenes into an ugly world where lawyers and deprogrammers scheme together Part 3 of the amazing story of medical doctor Hirohisa Koide See part 1, part 2 The role of the lawyers After that, the lawyers Kito and Yamaguchi appeared on the scene. They were brought to Niigata by deprogrammer Takashi Miyamura, […]

Japan Urged to Make U-turn

Brownback and Swett urging Japan to do U-turn

Important principles of human rights and religious freedom at risk as Japan is urged to do a U-turn 14 important leaders of organisations championing human rights and religious freedom issued 29th October an urgent statement where they protest the recent attempt by elements within the Japanese government to pass legislation that would immediately freeze the […]