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Birthday Celebrated with Big Marriage Blessing

Mother Moon's birthday celebrated

Mother Moon’s 81st birthday celebrated as she blesses 7o young couples

Mother Moon’s 81st birthday was celebrated in grand style with a cultural event and a wedding of 70 young couples at Hyojeong Cultural Center in Gapyeong, northeast of the South Korean capital Seoul 15th February. Father and Mother Moon‘s birthday is one of the major Holy Days of the Family Federation.

Yong-cheon Song
Dr. Yong-cheon Song 15th Feb. 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

At the same time, the birth of Father Moon was commemorated. He was born in 1920 and would have been 104 years today. According to the Oriental lunar calendar, their birthdays fall on the same date, the sixth day of the first month. The master of ceremonies, Dr. Yong-cheon Song, International President of the Family Federation, mentioned this in his welcoming remarks,

“Today is the most blessed day as the True Parents are both born on this day.”

The program included an invocation prayer by Rev. Masaichi Hori, the head of the Asia-Pacific region of the Family Federation, presentation of flowers and gifts to Mother Moon, cake cutting, and entertainment.

New publications presented to Mother Moon
New publications in Korean being presented to Mother Moon on her birthday 15th Feb. 2024. Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

Several new books published by the movement in Korean were presented to her.

The central part of the entertainment was a dramatized overview of the life of Father and Mother Moon titled “Light of Peace – the True Parents of Humanity”. Through narration, song, and dance key events in their life courses were highlighted.

Nan-pa Hong
Nan-pa Hong performing 15th Feb. 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

Professional singers backed up by a choir of members of the Family Federation and a philharmonic orchestra. Video footage from milestones in the life of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han was displayed on a giant screen behind the performers. Famous Korean singers like soprano Nan-pa Hong, tenor Sun-sang Lee, soprano Mija Pak, as well as traditional singer Ae-ri Park took part.

Immediately after the birthday celebration, a special Marriage Blessing of 70 young couples was held, where Mother Moon officiated. There were participants from many countries, including European ones.

Mother Moon sprinkling holy water.
Mother Moon sprinkling holy water on representative couples 15th Feb. 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

The first part of the ceremony after Mother Moon had entered the stage through two lines of attendants, was the sprinkling of holy water on all the couples. Representative couples were on stage in two lines in front of Hak Ja Han. Attendants sprinkled the water on the other couples. Mother Moon then read the Affirmation of the Blessing Vow, to which everyone shouted a loud yes. Essentially, they promised to do all they could to be a loving and responsible spouse, establish a harmonious family, that would strive to build the kind of world that God originally envisioned, an ideal world where the family is the cornerstone.

In her benediction prayer, she prayed that the young brides and grooms would help God, the Heavenly Parent, to create the environment where He/She could realize the dream that God has waited for thousands of years to see fulfilled.

Mother Moon prayed for God’s guidance for the specially selected couples so they would dedicate themselves to the task of saving the eight billion living on the earth today, who “still do not know” the Heavenly Parent. She prayed they would “live for the sake of others” and thus help to purify the world, expanding an environment of goodness.

Exchange of rings
Close-up from the exchange of rings 15th Feb. 2024. Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

The couples then exchanged wedding rings. Mother Moon personally gave the rings to representative couples on the stage. Finally, she proclaimed the couples taking part in the ceremony to be truly married and blessed. Flowers and gifts were presented to her by representative couples on behalf of all the couples. Mother Moon then gave a special gift to each of the couples participating.

Entertainment 15th Feb. 2024
From the entertainment 15th Feb. 2024. Ae-ri Park and her husband performing. Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

Congratulatory songs and dances were performed by a variety of artists.

Featured image above: Mother Moon at the Marriage Blessing ceremony in South Korea 15th February 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

“Birthday Celebrated with Big Marriage Blessing” – text: Knut Holdhus, written based on live transmission by PeaceTV.

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