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God's original ideal

Brief about the Teachings: God’s original ideal, how it was not realized, and how it will be restored

The peaceful world that we hope to create, is a world based on mature individuals who create good families, communities and nations. That was the kind of world God originally planned when He created.

However, the first son of God and the first daughter of God failed to achieve personal maturity and therefore also failed to create a harmonious family. All humankind is descended from the first man and the first woman (Adam and Eve). Because they were never able to realize God’s ideal of creation, and because they never attained the necessary maturity to become the True Parents of humanity, their descendants, i.e., all humankind, did not receive the necessary example of perfect individuals, ideal families, societies, and nations.

Brief about the Teachings attempt 1Adam should have become the True Father of humankind and Eve the True Mother.

Instead, they became a false father and a false mother, creating an evil world full of false love, a false life, and a false lineage.

For that reason, God, humankind’s Heavenly Father/Mother, has worked non-stop to save humanity and restore the lost ideal of love.

After thousands of years, God finally succeeded creating the right circumstances for a child to be born who did not belong to the fallen lineage, and who was consequently free from the original sin.

That was Jesus. He was born of human parents, but God also played an immensely important role in his conception. Therefore, Jesus was the “second Adam”. Jesus was therefore a very special and unique child, different from all other children. He grew up and became a perfect man, who carried the Messianic mission. He was a true example of a true individual, and thus realized God’s ideal on the individual level.

However, because he did not receive the necessary support from his family, relatives and people, he was unable to restore a “second Eve”. Therefore, God’s ideal was not realized on a family level. Jesus had all the necessary qualities and qualifications to be the True Father of humankind, but under the prevailing circumstances, it was impossible for him to restore a woman prepared by God, to be the True Mother.

Brief about the Teachings – Jesus
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Jesus had instead to walk a path full of suffering. By giving his life on the cross, after his resurrection he became the True Father of humankind spiritually.

The Messiah had however no longer a physical body and was therefore unable to establish God’s kingdom on earth. That is the Messiah’s original, primary mission. Instead, Jesus founded Christianity and was able to give those who believe in him, a spiritual salvation. The task of the Holy Spirit is to be the True Mother of humanity spiritually.

God’s ideal was therefore not established here on earth in Jesus’ time. Thus the return of the Messiah became necessary. God had to work again to create the conditions for a “third Adam” to be born, a man who can complete what Jesus started.

The “third Adam” (Messiah’s Second Coming) must become a true example of a perfect individual and thus be qualified to become the True Father of humankind. He must restore a prepared woman to become True Mother.

The task of the True Parents is to become a true married couple and form a family with God as the centre, and also open the way for all people to be able to form families that are blessed by God. Such families must then lay a foundation for creating harmonious societies and nations. In that way, a world filled with peace and harmony will eventually be created. This will be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

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“Brief about the Teachings” – text: Knut Holdhus