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Failure of Key Persons Related to Jesus

Jesus, Mary, and John

Experienced lecturers delve into the failure of key persons to support him and find him a bride

Jack Corley on failure of key persons
Rev. Jack Corley. Photo: Personal

Part 2 of a lecture given by Rev. Jack Corley, head of the East European sub-region of the Family Federation, at an international prayer meeting by Zoom on 3rd April 2024. The lecture is based on a presentation originally given at seminars in South Korea as a preparation for publishing a new version of the teachings of the Family Federation.

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I’ll continue to read [from a provisional translation from Korean of presentation by Dr. Hyeon-seob Do, the president of Sunhak UP Graduate University, Asan, South Korea]:

Dr. Hyeon-seob Do, the president of Sunhak UP Graduate University, Asan, South Korea. Photo: Sunhak University.

“For this to happen, there must be the providence to inherit Heavenly Parent’s lineage, and God chose Israel as the central nation and people.

For the providence to restore the lineage, Heavenly Parent has carried out the providence to give birth to the Only Begotten Son and Daughter [독생녀 (toksaengnyeo – may also be translated as ‘Firstborn Daughter’ or ‘First Daughter’)] who inherited Heavenly Parent’s lineage.

In particular, among the Jewish people – beginning with Abraham, who followed Heavenly Parent with absolute faith and received God‘s blessing as the root of good fortune, continuing with Isaac, and then moving on to Jacob’s generation – important providential events created the foundation for the restoration of lineage.

[…] Abraham, who had the honorable name of ‘the Father’ [Abram] based on Heavenly Parent’s blessing, from then on was known as ‘Abraham’, the father of all peoples, and became the origin and foundation of the chosen people of Israel.”

Portrait of Abraham, detail of a painting by Guercino (1657), Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, Italy. Photo: Octave 444 / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC ASA 4.0 Int

It’s quite amazing that within our region of Europe and the Middle East we have the father of three major providential faiths: the Jewish people, the Islamic people, and the Christian people. In that sense, we have a common ancestor, a common root, a spiritual root.

But as you know, Abraham, in the process of coming into that position, did not succeed in achieving what God actually wanted.

It was the mistake of cutting the birds, as you know from the Unification Principles. It may not seem significant, but ultimately it proved to be a fatal mistake and, as we know, caused 400 years of suffering for his descendants.

However, the process was completed through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the lineage finally was fulfilled.

I’ll continue reading:

“The victorious foundation on the national level must be created so that the Only Begotten Son and Daughter [독생녀 (toksaengnyeo – may also be translated as ‘Firstborn Daughter’ or ‘First Daughter’)], who inherit the lineage of Heavenly Parent, can be born without Satan’s accusation through the bloodline of the chosen people of Israel who have a victorious foundation in the restoration of the lineage.”

Yes, this was a critical issue here.

I’ll read some more:

“Finally, after 4,000 years of the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity, Heavenly Parent brought Jesus, the Only Begotten Son, who was the first to inherit Heavenly Parent’s lineage since the fall of our first ancestors, to be born to Mary among the chosen people of Israel.

The Annunciation
The Annunciation, the moment when the archangel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she would be the mother of the Messiah. Author: Lorenzo de Avila (1473-1570). Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image

Mary, who was betrothed to Joseph, received Heaven’s revelation that the Only Begotten Son would be born through her, and she decided to accept the Will of Heavenly Parent in absolute faith.

Heavenly Parent first brought Mary, Zechariah, and Elizabeth to know about the birth of Jesus. They were central figures who had the important mission of upholding Heavenly Parent’s Will to fully attend and follow Jesus, the Only Begotten Son.”

And we’ll look into how that transpired. I’ll continue:

“For Jesus, the Only Begotten Son, to fulfill his purpose by safely completing his period of maturation (growth), meeting God’s Only Begotten Daughter [독생녀 (toksaengnyeo – may also be translated as ‘Firstborn Daughter’ or ‘First Daughter’)], and their becoming the True Parents together, the central figures I just mentioned had to fulfill their mission properly.”

In other words, Joseph and Zechariah, and of course Mary had to fulfill their mission according to God‘s expectation. And also John the Baptist became a key figure in supporting this. In other words, he had to protect Jesus, in a way.

We continue:

“Yet although Zechariah and John the Baptist testified to Jesus before he began his public life, they did not follow him afterward.

The highly respected high priest Zechariah remained a bystander. And John the Baptist, a respected ascetic, remained at a distance from Jesus. They were therefore unable to open the way for unity between the people of Israel and Jesus.”

John the Baptist and Jesus
John the Baptist baptizes Jesus. Author: Gustave Doré (1832-1883). Public domain image. Cropped

I think all of you are familiar with the story of the baptism of Jesus by John, when a dove appeared and announced directly to John the Baptist who the person in front of him was. And you can understand John’s struggle later. After an initial enthusiasm about that, he began to evaluate who Jesus was, from a more humanistic perspective.

Of course, looking at him, he saw his poor, younger, less educated cousin. It would not be so easy for us to believe that our own poor, younger, less educated cousin could be the Messiah. And so John unfortunately was unable to fulfill his mission and, in fact, ended up in prison for a rather silly reason involving himself and Herod.

I’ll continue reading:

Mary had the responsibility, while attending Jesus as the Only Begotten Son, to ensure that Jesus met the Only Begotten Daughter [독생녀 (toksaengnyeo – may also be translated as ‘Firstborn Daughter’ or ‘First Daughter’)] so that they could become the True Parents. But while she fulfilled her responsibility up to the point of bringing Jesus into the world, it became very difficult after that.

By becoming estranged from Zechariah’s family, maintaining her conjugal relationship with Joseph, and distancing herself from God’s revelation, Mary failed to fulfill her responsibility to protect Jesus.”

So again, you can understand that many things influenced her way of thinking. Maybe not the least was the fact that Joseph, her originally intended husband, had difficulty actually understanding the conception of Jesus, as you can well imagine. And there are some examples by which we see why people had difficulty understanding Jesus. I’ll read some more:

“Joseph, moreover, did not fully understand Heavenly Parent’s Will, but looked at and related with Jesus and Mary humanistically. He thus failed to fulfill his mission to attend and follow Jesus.”

As you know, there was a story in the Bible about Jesus being missing for three days. Now, if they really believed that this child was the destined Messiah, how could they possibly lose sight of him? And especially for three days?

And of course, there’s the story in which he was in the temple talking to the priests and amazing them with his knowledge, even though he was just a twelve-year-old boy who had little education.

The Marriage at Cana
The Marriage at Cana, a 14th century Fresco from the Visoki Dečani monastery in Serbia. Public domain image

There’s another incident, in which Mary was insisting on Jesus providing wine, turning water into wine for guests at a marriage. Father and Mother Moon have explained that Jesus rebuked his mother because she should have been more concerned about his marriage and preparing for that, rather than asking him to do a miracle at somebody else’s marriage.

Father Moon has also said that several times Jesus requested of his mother to find his bride, but she was unable to do so. This is a great tragedy.

Continued in part 3.

See part 1, part 3, part 4

Featured image above: Christ between Mary and John the Baptist: Author: Jan Gossaert (1478-1532). Photo: Web Gallery of Art / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

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