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Cheon Il Guk – Heavenly kingdom of oneness

Cheon Il Guk – cheon symbolizes two persons becoming one.
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“Cheon Il Guk” (天一國) is a Korean expression, coined by Father Moon. It literally means “Unified Heavenly Kingdom” or “Heavenly Kingdom of Oneness”. “Cheon” (천) means “heaven”, “il” (일) means “one”, “guk” (국) means “Kingdom” or “land”.

The character cheon (天) means “heaven” and consists of the characters “two” (二) and “people” (人). The concept Cheon Il Guk (天一國) means the land where two – man and woman, parents and children, brothers and sisters – are horizontally united with each other and vertically with God.

When two unite completely, they complement each other and become as one person. Then, their joint value is greater than it was as separate individuals. Together they form their own little Cheon Il Guk, a micro kingdom of peace and unity.

According to Father and Mother Moon, it is achieved on the family level based on three generations united in love. All of us are called to make such a sphere of love, truly blessed by God. In fact, our Heavenly Parent may even reside in such a family.

Another important aspect of Cheon Il Guk, becomes clear in a translation sometimes used: “Kingdom of cosmic peace and unity”. It signifies a Kingdom of Heaven, with peace both in heaven and on earth, and where heaven and earth are united. “Cosmic” refers to a cosmos or macrocosm that consists of both the physical and the spiritual world.

Father and Mother Moon emphasize that the Kingdom of Heaven must first be established on the family level. Only then can it be established in our societies and nations, and eventually globally.

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