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Relationships with initiating (subject or subject partner) and responding (object or object partner) part

According to the Unification Principles, all beings and things exist in relationships where they either occupy a subject or object position. In the 1996 English translation, the expressions “subject partner” and “object partner” are used, presumably to emphasize that the two form a relationship, that they are “partners” in a relationship.

In the Unification Principles, the term object (or object partner) is used in the sense of “the person, being, element, entity or thing which mainly has a responsive, passive, dependent or peripheral function (role) in a relationship”. This may be temporary, as in an ordinary conversation, where we alternately take a initiating or responding position, or it can be permanent, as in the relationship between the sun and the planets, where the latter will always be peripheral in relation to the sun.

In the Unification Principles, the expression subject (or subject partner) is used in the sense of “the person, being, element, unit or thing which mainly has an initiating, directive, governing, active or central function (role) in a relationship”. There are of course many different kinds of relationships in such a diverse universe. As mentioned, there are situations where the subject (or subject partner) position is temporary and situations where it is permanent. For a more detailed explanation, it is recommended to read New Essentials of Unification Thought, written by Dr. Sang-hun Lee, published by the Unification Thought Institute, Tokyo, Japan, 2006, pp 44-46.