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The Principles of Creation – the principles by which God created

The principles of creation refer to the principles by which God created the universe and human beings. In the Unification Principles, one entire chapter – the first – is named The Principles of Creation. Its starting point is an explanation of the nature of God, which becomes the basis for delving into why God created. The ultimate objective of the Creator’s work of creation was to bring forth human beings, with whom he wanted to live in a love relationship eternally.

The focus of the Principles of Creation is the relationship between God and human beings. The meaning of human life is expressed based on certain key concepts.

Some of those are:

      1. Dual Characteristics”: This principle asserts that all beings possess dual characteristics, consisting of both internal and external aspects. For example, in human beings, the internal aspect includes the mind or spirit, while the external aspect is the physical body. Another pair of dual characteristics is yin and yang, manifested as male and female in the biological world and plus and minus in the world of inorganic matter.
      2. Give and Receive Action”: According to this principle, existence is sustained through the dynamic exchange of energy and relationships between dual characteristics. This concept is often referred to as the “principle of reciprocity” or “principle of interaction.”
      3. Four-Position Foundation”: This principle emphasizes the importance of harmonious relationships among elements that form a unified whole. These elements typically include a subject partner (initiating part), an object partner (responding part), a reciprocal relationship, and a purpose or direction.
      4. Three Blessings”: The Unification Principles teach that humanity was created with three primary blessings: to grow to individual maturity, multiply and fill the Earth (by forming ideal relationships with one another), and to obtain stewardship over creation.
      5. Original Human Nature”: The Unification Principles posit that humans were originally created to embody certain qualities, including goodness, creativity, and the ability to love unconditionally. However, these qualities were distorted due to the Fall, when evil entered and took over the world.
      6. Purpose of Creation: According to the Unification Principles, the purpose of creation is to realize God‘s ideal of love and establish a world of peace and harmony. This involves the fulfillment of God‘s will through human cooperation and responsibility.
      7. Eternal Life: When your life in the physical world comes to an end, your eternal spirit continues its life in the spirit world, which is just as real as the physical world. Your life in this world is a preparation for your eternal life.
      8. Growth Through Three Stages: We are not created perfect, but reach maturity through stages og growth: formation, growth and completion.

      These principles provide a framework for understanding the relationship between God, humanity, and the universe, as well as the ultimate purpose of existence.

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