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The painstaking work to recreate the original good world – the restoration providence

The phrase “restoration providence” describes the painstaking work that God has had to carry out as a result of losing mankind, His children, when the first man and woman followed the rebellious archangel Lucifer away from God and created a world that did not belong to God, a world full of sin and evil.

restoration providenceThe word “restoration” implies that God wants to bring the world back to its originally intended state or condition.

The word “providence” refers to the plan that God has implemented to save humankind.

God wants to restore the original ideal world he intended from the beginning. The Korean word bokkui (복귀) , which normally is translated as “restoration”, may also mean return, comeback, reinstatement, regain.

It is a key word in Unificationism, and is indeed a key concept to understand human history. History was intended to begin in a certain way, but did not when the first humans, who held the key to how history would unfold, were manipulated to go in the wrong direction.

Up throughout the restoration providence, God has constantly invested himself and called human beings to assist him in the enormous work of restoring the original good world He wanted to realize when He created everything. The work of restoration began as soon as the fall of the first humans had occurred. God already tried in the family of Adam and Eve, to set right what had gone wrong. However, this was unsuccessful as the individuals in the first family did not make the right conditions.

In the evil world that developed, God therefore had to find new individuals with whom to work. That is why he called many up through the ages, e.g. Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and chosen people right up until the present days.

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Text: Knut Holdhus