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True Parents – what Adam and Eve should have become

Father and Mother Moon

The terms “True Father” and “True Mother” denote the two persons necessary to have True Parents.

The significance of this special term is that God has finally been able to have a son and a daughter who have become the True Parents of humankind. Jesus only became the spiritual father of those who believe in him, because he never could hold the “Marriage of the Lamb”. In other words, God had to wait for thousands of years before this ideal that True Parents represent could be realized. True Parents represent the very source of true love, true life, and a true lineage. It is only through True Parents that humanity may return to God and become true sons and daughters.

Adam et Eve au Paradis Terrestre
Adam and Eve in Paradise. Public domain image. Cropped

Because of the fall, we humans lost our originally intended position as true sons and daughters of God, who would have given them the stewardship of earth and heaven. Instead, the first humans fell to an incredibly low level when they were led astray by the archangel Lucifer and came under his dominion. Angels were created to be servants of God and human beings. We humans were created to be children of God. Instead, the first man and woman followed a rebellious angel and thus became the servants of a servant.

It took God thousands of years before he was able to reveal certain principles and laws, law religion (e.g. the Ten Commandments), which described what was permitted and not permitted for us humans. Thus the foundation was laid so that those who based their lives on these rules could become God‘s servants.

However, this was far from the final goal. God longed for us to become His children. Finally, the conditions were established so that “the second Adam”, God‘s son, Jesus, could be born, without original sin. He was the first to achieve what we all will one day achieve, namely to become true sons and daughters of God. But the tragic thing happened that God‘s servants, the prepared ones at that time, killed him who was God‘s only son. Thus the road became closed to all the rest of us.

Instead, by giving his life on the cross, the resurrected Jesus succeeded in giving us spiritual salvation, that is, those who believe in Jesus, may join him in paradise in the afterlife.

But Jesus could not remove the original sin. It entered the world through “the first Adam” and “the first Eve”, when they gave birth to children and created a false lineage based on their false and immature love.

True Parents – God's attempt 2In order to remove the original sin, “the second Adam”, Jesus, should therefore have first become one with a woman whom God had prepared to be “the second Eve”. However, that never happened. For that reason, all people continued to have the original sin. Nevertheless, by believing in Jesus, it became possible to become God‘s “adopted child”, i.e. even if one is born with the original sin from the false parents Adam and Eve, one can be given new life spiritually through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Finally, in 1960, humankind could get True Parents! It means that what Jesus did not achieve, was finally realized through Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han. Because of the True Parents, the way to become God‘s true sons and daughters has been opened. We don’t just have to be God‘s servants, or God‘s “adopted children”, anymore. Through True Parents, the original sin is removed so that everyone may become God‘s true sons and daughters. A new age has begun, the age when we may all become what we were originally created to be!

Text: Knut Holdhus

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