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The Great Vision of the Family Federation

It has never been the aim of Father and Mother Moon to establish a new religion. The goal is much bigger and is simply to create a world of peace, freedom, love and happiness for all.

The center of such a world must be God, and it must be based on God‘s principles. That is why we need spiritual awareness. All religions can contribute to such an awareness and such a world. We must become aware that God is our Father / Mother, and that we all are his / her children. Then the different religions also become like siblings, though they understand their Father / Mother and reality in slightly different ways.

The final part of the road back to God requires us to learn to love those who think differently and are different from us. The final part of the road must be walked together. Then there is no room for condemnation and a belief that only “we are right”.

It is primarily to show us the last part of the way back to God that Father and Mother Moon were called. The religions have already shown parts of the way, and Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han did neither come to repeat those messages nor compete against them.

Vision – God's original ideal

An important part of their vision is that the final part of the road back to God is not an individual road. Father and Mother Moon therefore do not emphasize an individual salvation, which primarily involves being saved yourself. They teach that rather than making sure to secure ourselves a place in heaven, we should be concerned about freeing our “brothers and sisters” from hell.

For thousands of years, religious people have been mainly concerned with their own individual salvation. However, humanity has to move on. The spiritual foundation has now been laid to create a world blessed by God, full of peace and love.

As long as humanity is only concerned with individual salvation, it will be impossible to create harmonious families and societies. What humanity needs now, in the 21st century, is an understanding and form of salvation that enable us to create families, communities and nations free of conflict and war. The salvation that has been preached over the centuries pales in comparison to the salvation that is attainable when both husband and wife learn to live for others and invest 100% in a family based on absolute love.

If we manage to create peace and love in our families, there can also be peace and love in our societies. If our societies function harmoniously, so will our countries. Then we will be able to experience a completely different world! The name “Family Federation for World Peace and Unification” certainly reflects this way of thinking, that is at the core of Father and Mother Moon‘s teachings – Unificationism.

Therefore, our goal is to create peace in the world based on well-functioning families. We believe that the family has a central role to play when it comes to solving the world’s problems. It is within the family that we have our first experiences with others and love. The key to world peace lies in us learning to become true parents who raise their children to live for others.

This has been Father and Mother Moon‘s vision all along. But the road they walked was full of persecution, suffering and opposition. Never has there been a spiritual leadership that has been so misunderstood and so opposed by the established religious and political world. Even Jesus’ sufferings were of a much smaller scale.

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