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A dangerous mix – youth and sex

Vital question – youth and sex
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Youth and sex is a vital question. Sexual experiences have a profoundly destabilizing effect on teenagers and takes them to a world of emotions that they are unable to master. In life, it is absolutely crucial to make the right choices. Choose, therefore, abstain from sex until you are married and in stable circumstances! Abstaining from sexual relations before marriage has an incredible number of advantages.

Even if you are not physically harmed by an extramarital sex life and contract sexually transmitted diseases, you will surely suffer permanent damage on the inner level. Sex at a premature age leads to a broken heart, loss of self-respect, guilt, shame, rage at being let down, depression, fear of getting pregnant or contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and often even suicide.

By becoming sexually active at too young an age, you lose precious time and energy, which you need for your intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

Safe sex is a myth. It is marriage, not condoms, that will protect you both physically and emotionally.

Text: Knut Holdhus