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Father and Mother Moon’s Anniversary Celebrated

Mother Moon's 64th wedding anniversary celebrated

Holy Wedding anniversary celebrated in style by thousands

Mother Moon's anniversary celebrated 24th Apr 2024
Mother Moon at the celebration 24th April 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

A grand celebration of Father and Mother Moon’s Holy Wedding anniversary was held on 24th April 2024 at the Hyojeong Cultural Center, a large indoor stadium located in Gapyeong, northeast of the South Korean capital Seoul.

In 2020, Mother Moon, Hak Ja Han, designated this anniversary as the most important Holy Day of the Family Federation. From 2021, two more of the movement’s Holy Days have been celebrated together with the anniversary.

The more than two hours long program in Gapyeong attracted an audience of 20,000. They witnessed flowers and gifts being presented to Mother Moon on her 64th Wedding anniversary. The Holy Wedding of her and her late husband Sun Myung Moon took place in 1960.

For members of the Family Federation and others that event was truly historical and deeply significant.

After Mother Moon had cut the splendid celebratory cake, she made several important points in her deeply spiritual speech. She reflected on how different God’s providence in the world today would have been if her Holy Wedding in 1960 had taken place with the support of Christianity, and if Christianity had understood what Jesus really meant when he said he would return.

Instead, Father and Mother Moon had to walk a wilderness course for several decades.

She pointed out how God for thousands of years prepared a chosen people to receive not only a new Adam – Jesus – but also a new Eve. None of those specially prepared at the time, understood what Mother Moon called the “essence of Jesus”. That’s why he had to walk the way of the cross.

However, what God has started, must be completed. So the Creator has to restore the couple He wanted to be an ideal for all humankind, the first man and woman. They should have become humanity’s good ancestors.

Jesus came 2,000 years ago as the “Only Begotten Son”, but there could be no “Only Begotten Daughter”. When Jesus called Sun Myung Moon in 1935 to complete what Jesus had started, the young Korean man did not become a new “Only Begotten Son”. Jesus holds that position for all eternity.

Instead, Father Moon became the second coming of the Messiah. And through his Holy Wedding in 1960, the position of “Only Begotten Daughter” could finally be restored. Together Father and Mother Moon became the True Parents of humanity and could accomplish the ideal that Adam and Eve should have realized thousands of years ago.

Venerable Hong Pa
The venerable Hong Pa. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

Two distinguished religious leaders offered congratulatory remarks. First, the venerable Hong Pa, Supreme Leader of Daehan Kwan Um Zen Buddhist Order, spoke. He said,

“Today we celebrate the 64th anniversary of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who is the officiator of today’s Blessing.

They have devoted their lives to the practice of true love and living for the sake of others. As global citizens dedicated to peace, as well as Parents wiping the tears of humanity, they have established a strong foundation for eternal peace and human happiness, and their actions exemplify the core teaching of Buddhism, which is to become self-aware, bring awareness to others, and live an exemplary life in harmony.

And looking back at the countless conflicts, disputes and antagonism that humanity has perpetrated over the millennia due to selfishness, we can see that Rev. and Mrs. Moon, in solidarity with righteous visionaries and world leaders, are forging a path of peace and happiness through the Blessing in particular.

So this extraordinary way of overcoming all barriers, including religion, race, nation and ideology, should be recorded in human history as a remarkable achievement.

So I would like to express my utmost respect and gratitude to all of you who are devoted to leading lives dedicated to achieving world peace and human happiness. I am humbled by the dignity that the brides and grooms receiving the Blessing today uphold, and I cannot help but admire the true value of life that you represent. My hope is that you will enjoy a life full of happiness by firmly realizing the ideal of a true family.”

Johannes Ndanga
Archbishop Johannes Ndanga. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV 22nd April 2024.

Congratulatory remarks were also given by Johannes Ndanga, Archbishop and President of Apostolic Church Council of Zimbabwe. He said,

“Although I lead the African Christian Council International, I am also from a family that received the Blessing from the True Parents. My wife and I are also a victorious blessed couple.

I would like to confess that Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is my spiritual mother and I also want to confess if we look at the many fruits – as the Bible teaches – that you shall know the righteous by their fruits. If you are righteous, you see the righteousness through the fruits that she produces and by such fruits, I want to confirm also that Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is the Only Begotten Daughter of our Heavenly Parent.

Mother Moon came to Africa, the land of tears, to transform it, for it to become a heavenly Africa, an Africa of peace, Africa of prosperity and Africa of happiness, transcending all barriers of religion, national borders, race and ideology.

With only Heavenly Parent’s true love, I was deeply touched to learn about Mother Moon’s noble and sacrificial journey.

I also came to realize the maternal aspect of God through Mother Moon, the Only Begotten Daughter. This is indeed a great blessing and amazing grace, not only for me, but for all religious people who believe in God.”

Dr. Samuel Radebe
Dr. Samuel Radebe. Photo: Screenshot

Video messages from a dozen religious and political leaders were shown on large screens in the indoor stadium. Dr. Samuel Radebe, Founder of The Revelation Spiritual Home, South Africa, said,

“Beloved True Mother, Mother of Peace, I am truly honoured and privileged to wish Mother Moon a happy Heavenly Parent’s Day, happy True Parents’ Day and happy Holy Wedding anniversary.”

Bishop Don Meares
Bishop Don Meares. Photo: Screenshot from PeaceLink

Bishop Don Meares from the megachurch Evangel Cathedral in Maryland, USA, said,

Father and Mother Moon affirmed the call of Jesus to become True Parents, and we want to encourage you now to become parents in your family, pledging your faithfulness to God, your fidelity to one another, and love for all of mankind.

Mother Moon, we thank you so sincerely for calling the unity of the body of Christ and praying as Jesus did, that we might all be one.”

Paula White-Cain
Paula White-Cain. Photo: Screenshot

Paula White-Cain, American televangelist and advisor to Donald Trump during his presidency, said,

“We celebrate this special occasion of lifelong love and deep commitment.

We are so very grateful for you, dear Mother Moon, for your love, for your suffering, for righteousness, and for your encouragement around the globe that America and the world can only be revived and return to God by repentance and turning to him.”

Goodluck Jonathan
Goodluck Jonathan. Photo: Screenshot

Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria 2010-2015, said,

“The True Parents’ Holy Wedding anniversary serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us of the importance of love, unity and family bonds in fostering a more peaceful world.”

Gloria Arroyo
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Photo: Screenshot

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Philippines 2001-2010,

“May all the attendees of these joint events always keep in mind what the founders of this peace movement advocated, that world peace and prosperity are achieved through religious harmony, the embrace of diverse cultures and traditions of countries throughout the world, and good and strong family ties.”

The largest part of the program was a dramatization of Father and Mother Moon’s life, expressed through narration, dance, song and music, accompanied by a gigantic video display on a large screen behind the stage, showing highlights from their life.

Mi-ya Park
Mi-ya Park. Screenshot
Yi-ji Choi
Yi-ji Choi. Screenshot
Moon-ho Park
Moon-ho Park. Screenshot

It was narrated by famous Korean singer Aeri Park and entertainer Myeong-gon Kim. Well-known singers like soprano Mi-ja Park, tenor Jae-hyung Kim, soprano Yi-ji Choi, tenor Moon-ho Park performed

A large choir accompanied by a symphony orchestra performed some of the holy songs of the Family Federation. The keen observer would notice that the lyrics of one of the songs written more than 60 years ago, had been changed.

“Oh, the Lord has come; oh, the Lord has come” became “Oh, the Lord has come; our Lady now is come”.

“He has come to the mountainous land” was changed into “They have come to the mountainous land”.

“He is our Saviour and King” became “They are our King and our Queen”.

Such a change is fully in line with Mother Moon emphasizing that God is both our Father and Mother and the Messianic mission requiring a man and a woman.

The anniversary celebrations were followed by a large wedding for 2,100 couples.

Text: Knut Holdhus, written based on live transmission via PeaceTV.

Featured image above: Mother Moon lighting the candle on the cake at the celebration of her Holy Wedding anniversary 24th April 2024, assisted by her daughter-in-law Yeon Ah Moon. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by PeaceTV.

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