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Holy Day Speech Stresses Our Attitude to Nature

Divinity in nature

European leader emphasizes our attitude to nature in speech about major Holy Day

Dieter Schmidt on attitude to nature
Dieter Schmidt. Screenshot from live transmission by FFWPU.

The Day of All True Things, one of the main Holy Days of the Family Federation, was celebrated on 6th June 2024 (1st May according to the Oriental lunar calendar) for the 62nd time. Dieter Schmidt, regional head of the Central Region of the Family Federation of Europe and the Middle East, delivered in an online prayer meeting on 5th June, an inspirational message about the significance of the day. We have the pleasure to present excerpts, slightly edited.

The Day of All True Things has always been a very joyful day for me.

[…] Today we can see there are many movements who really fight to save this world and the environment from pollution, and protect the climate. I have to say we can learn a lot from them, and we should look more seriously into them.

But still, when I hear or watch them, I feel always something is missing. And what is missing is something maybe we, as the “children” of our Heavenly Parent, should add to this wonderful work to preserve our Mother Earth.

I want to share with you a few suggestions which might help us to know what we should do or what we can do in this process.

Circled number 1And the first is to recognise the divine creation. The True Parents taught us that nature is not a mere coincidence, but a deliberate creation of a loving and wise God, our Heavenly Parent. Every tree, every flower, every creature is a unique expression of divine artistry.

When we truly grasp this understanding, we can develop a sense of awe and reverence towards nature, recognising its inherent value and interconnectedness with our own existence.

For me, nature is like the body of our Heavenly Parent, something which is always around me, like the womb which the baby is in before it is born.

With that kind of feeling, why are we going to preserve nature? Because we all are the children of our Heavenly Parent. We should liberate God from his sorrow.

Circled number 2The next thing we should do is to restore the original harmony. As you know, Father Moon teaches us that the harmony that once existed between humanity and nature has been disrupted due to our exploitation and disregard for the environment.

Half-moon shining though pine trees. Illustration by Microsoft Designer Image Creator

Father Moon says also in the reading we had today that he learned more than 80% of the Divine Principle from nature,

“We can learn everything from nature. I discovered more than 80 percent of the Principle in nature. I loved to spend nights in nature. One moonlit night I was walking through some pine trees. There were pine tree branches crisscrossing like intertwining arms. A half-moon was shining through the branches. Words cannot express such mysterious beauty. You have no idea how magical it was to hear the wind blowing while I was meditating in the midst of those drooping pine trees. I will never forget it. You must feel the joy.” (“Let Us Return to Nature”, a speech Father Moon gave 3rd Oct. 2001, excerpted and translated from the transcript.)

I am a doctor, especially for Oriental medicine, which explains the depths of the yin and yang of nature. We know this from the Divine Principle, but also that yin and yang is at work in ourselves, in the body.

So we are, just like the Principle says, a microcosm of the macrocosm. And that is why we should completely be in harmony with this world.

And this is possible when we realise especially through physiotherapy, that God has actually given us all the plants and all the flowers, all the roots to preserve very well our health much more often than we can do with just medical treatment.

So, in this way, with our own body we need to live in harmony.

We have to take care, like Mother Moon says, of our health. We should really think deeply how and what we eat, so that we can contain our health and thus fulfil with a healthy body the work of our Heavenly Parent.

Circled number 3The third, I would suggest, is also not new to us, but it is very significant. It is what especially Mother Moon emphasizes all the time – to practise gratitude and appreciation. By expressing gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of nature, something will change.

The nature will respond to our love. If we genuinely appreciate the beauty of the sunrise, or the majesty of a mountain range, or the delicate intricacy of a flower, we develop a deep sense of connection to and love for the natural world.

Let us cultivate a habit of gratitude, acknowledging the earth’s generosity and committing ourselves to its preservation. In that sense, I learned so much from our True Parents. I remember when they were in Switzerland, how much they loved the beautiful mountains there.

Sun Myung Moon Berlin
Sun Myung Moon feeding ducks in Berlin in 1965. Photo: FFWPU

I remember how Father Moon came to Berlin on his last visit there. The True Parents wanted to do sightseeing, and we were prepared to show them many historical buildings. But their main wish was to see nature. So Mother Moon asked me, “Do we have mountains in Berlin?”

And I had to say to her, “We prepared everything, but no mountains. Sorry.”

But then we went to the beautiful Palace gardens of Charlottenburg, and there was such an important moment when Father Moon was close to a little lake […] He was just sitting there for minutes to look at nature, to look at the little animals being there.

In this way, we really could feel how much he loves nature, and how much we all should love nature.

Circled 4The next point I would suggest, is that when we look at nature, we should care for it as if it would be our home, our cosmic home. Father Moon taught us that the earth is not just a physical dwelling place, but a spiritual home for humanity.

As caretakers of this cosmic home, we all have a sacred duty to protect and nurture it. This involves adopting sustainable lifestyles, reducing waste, conserving resources and advocating for qualities that prioritise environmental preservation.

We, our movement, with this understanding that this is the beautiful creation of our Heavenly Parent, should actually be at the forefront of preserving nature.

We should really think more how we can speak up loud and do something in many different ways, but maybe also in very simple ways, at home, to preserve nature.

“All things” are not only the nature, also the things in our homes and houses. And we should really take beautifully care of them.

Circled 5And last, I think when we live this lifestyle, it is very significant that we educate and inspire our children, the future generation, so that they can from the beginning understand. By instilling in our children a deep love and respect for nature, we empower them to become responsible stewards of the earth.

Let us educate them about the interconnectedness of all life, the importance of conservation and the need for some sustainable practises.

Featured image above: Divinity in nature. Illustration by Microsoft Designer Image Creator.

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