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How Electric Induction Shows Us How God Creates

Wolli Wonbon

American academic discovers how the basic principles of electricity taught Father Moon how God creates

Andrew Wilson on how God creates
Dr. Andrew Wilson. Photo: HJI

Part 3 of “Rev. Moon’s Early Writings on Science”, a presentation by Dr. Andrew Wilson, Professor of Scriptural Studies at HJ International Graduate School for Peace and Public Leadership (HJI), New York, USA, given on a special online program 7th May 2024 hosted by HJI and the Higher Purpose Forum (HPF).

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Now, let’s move on to talk about electrical induction.

Reverend Moon studied electrical engineering before he became a minister. He learned something about electrical induction and saw within it the truth of God.

Radio transmission
Illustration: Tower Vectors by Vecteezy

If we look at the basic principles of radio, the radio transmitter sends electricity vibrating at a particular frequency to the transmitting antenna. There is give-and-take action of electricity in the antenna, vibrating up and down the antenna wire, and this causes a wave to be created in the surrounding space. The wave in the surrounding space vibrates at the same frequency as the movement of electricity in the antenna. It then arrives at the receiving antenna of the radio, where it excites electricity in the radio receiver, again at the same frequency. Thus, we have radio transmission.

Radio works by induction. Induction means that the giving and receiving in the primary wire causes the same type of action to take place in the surrounding space. The electricity in the transmitting antenna wire, moving at a particular frequency, causes electricity in the surrounding space to move at that same frequency. This is induction.

Radio receiver
Illustration: Cartoon Vectors by Vecteezy

And that wave in the surrounding space will cause a second action of induction when it hits the antenna of the receiver and causes electricity there to move at the same frequency. When you tune the circuit in your radio to match that frequency, it will activate, and you can receive the radio signal.

We can say metaphorically that God is the antenna whose object partners of Yin and Yang are in eternal give-and-take action for balance and harmony. By the power of induction coming from God, that action manifests in the cosmos as the phenomena of yin and yang object partners that are likewise in balance and harmony.

So, God is the causal reality of the forces of creation, which give and receive to form created beings that take the same form as God. This can be understood as the fundamental cause of gravitation, of electricity, of biology, of life, everything. Everything manifests give-and-receive action based on induction from God‘s action of giving and receiving.

Origin-division-union action
The origin-division-union process. Illustration: FFWPU

Look at this diagram from our traditional Divine Principle lectures depicting origin, division, union. We see that the dual characteristics of plus and minus, the object partners in God, are united in perfect harmony. That’s the Origin, the Source. Then God creates all beings in heaven and earth as pairs of object partners, plus and minus, male and female. That’s the division stage.

And then by induction from God who is a perfectly harmonized being of plus and minus, beings in the creation also join in union as plus and minus, engaging in give-and-take action of prime force, beating in time with God‘s duality of Plus and Minus.

So God is constantly creating. God is not just the Creator who set the universe into motion in the beginning and then left it to scientific laws. God‘s creative activity is manifest in all beings of creation at all times. That’s why beings in myriad variety at every level manifest beauty and fill us with wonder. It is because they all have plus and minus elements that enable them to resonate with the form of God.

Another thing: Reverend Moon was fond of the expression, “When a perfect plus charge appears, a perfect minus charge arises.” This again is an example of induction.

Positively charged glass rod
Positively charged glass rod and neutral metal sphere. Illustration: FFWPU

If you go into a physics lab, you can do this experiment with electricity. You need a glass rod and a metal sphere. Charge the glass rod by rubbing it briskly with a cloth. Hold it an inch or so from the sphere. When the charge is big enough, you can see a spark.

This happens because plus charges on the glass rod cause minus charges to gather by induction on the sphere facing the rod. The plus charges and minus charges are object partners to each other, so when conditions are right, a spark can jump as they unite to “fulfill the Principle”. The same mechanism operating between the clouds and the ground is responsible for lightning.

Reverend Moon used this analogy to say, we all should become a perfect plus. When we do, others will gather around us as minus. And the way that we can become a perfect plus is by relating to God and True Parents, who are the plus, as a perfect minus. In other words, it is by becoming God‘s object partners. This again, is how God can create by the Principle. Especially, it is how God can move the providence forward among humankind.

Repulsion and attraction
Repulsion and attraction. Illustration: FFWPU

Another characteristic of plus and minus in the creation that we shouldn’t leave out is the force of repulsion. Repulsion works to complement the force of give-and-receive action to put things in order. It works so that if a being is not in accord with God‘s duality of plus and minus, the force of repulsion will move it to another place where it can fulfill its appropriate duality.

That’s why if a single man (plus) or a single woman (minus) in the vicinity of God, who is plus and minus together, tries to unite with God, he or she cannot completely unite with God, because there is no resonance with God‘s duality of yang and yin, or plus and minus. Instead, an action of repulsion ensues.

Happily married couple
A happily married couple. Photo (2014): Rennett Stowe. License: CC Attr 2.0 Gen. Cropped

But once a mature man (plus) finds a mature woman (minus), or a mature woman (minus) finds a mature man (plus), and they stand together as husband and wife, then, because they resonate with God‘s plus and minus, the action of induction unites them with God. This, you might say, is the scientific basis of the Marriage Blessing.

The action of repulsion actually supports the action of prime force to unite beings. It is because when two beings who are plus and plus repel each other, they’ll separate, and then each can find their respective minus partners with whom to unite by the action of prime force. So, you need both the action of repulsion and the action of uniting by prime force together to establish the order of creation.

It is just like the earlier discussion of planetary motion: You need both the attractive force of gravity and the repelling force of centrifugal force in order to establish the order of the planets around the Sun.

Sometimes charges that are plus and plus or minus and minus can stay together, e.g. when electrons are flowing in a wire, they’re all of the same charge. This occurs because they have not yet united with their object partner of the opposite charge. We see this in human society, in groups of teenage boys or groups of teenage girls, young people of the same gender who flock together.

However, once a plus secures the position of object partner with its minus, then it will repel another plus. In human terms, once one of those boys meets a girl of his fancy, the two of them will pair off and no longer spend as much time with their former same-sex friends.

If a couple who are plus and minus is not perfectly united, then a second plus can circle around them and try to invade their union in order to take the minus for itself. But if the couple is totally united as plus and minus, it will repel the second plus. Then the second plus will have no choice but to leave that couple alone and find its own minus. When it does, the second plus and its own minus will form a second couple. Those two couples will once again be able to relate, but this time without infringing on each other.

God Adam Eve Lucifer
God, Adam, Eve, and Lucifer. Illustration: FFWPU

That is how the order of creation was supposed to unfold, from God, who is the union of plus-minus, to Adam and Eve, who were to unite firmly as plus and minus. Then Lucifer, that lone plus that was circling around Adam and Eve, would take his correct position and find his own minus.

In conclusion, here Father Moon gives us a scientific understanding of how God creates and continues to operate in the creation. It is based on induction, which is a basic principle of electricity. Because God is a being of plus and minus eternally giving and receiving in unity, God can create by induction the same kind of duality and unity in all beings throughout the creation.

Continued in part 4.

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Featured image above: Front page of Wolli Wonbon, an unpublished document of about 700 pages, hand-written by Sun Myung Moon in 1951-1952 during the Korean War. 

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