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The Teachings in a Nutshell

In a nutshell

Unificationism represents a paradigm shift in religious / spiritual thinking. A paradigm shift is a systematic shift in thinking that is of significant size and scope. Father Moon uses the phrase “super-religion beyond religious barriers” about his teachings.

That may in fact be the best way to sum up the teachings of Father and Mother Moon – their teachings in a nutshell.

Traditional viewUnificationism
Creates divisionCreates unity
«Only we are right.»All religions have parts of the truth.
Unclear purpose of lifeA clear purpose / meaning of life
God as incomprehensibleA comprehensible God
Does not understand life after deathA clear understanding of life after death
Individual salvationSalvation on family level
God as Father/ LordGod as Father and Mother
Man above womanMan and woman have same value.
In competitionComplementary
We are completely different from God.We resemble God.
Keeping laws / commands most importantLiving for others / altruism most important

In a nutshell – the purpose God createdWe humans are created for a higher purpose and to realize an incredibly great ideal. The ideal world God originally planned when He created, was a world based on mature individuals creating good families, communities and nations.

In a nutshellHowever, because evil entered the world, the first humans failed to achieve the required personal maturity and therefore also failed to create a harmonious family.

All humankind is descended from the first man and the first woman (Adam and Eve). Because they were never able to realize God’s ideal of creation, and because they never attained the required maturity to become the True Parents of humankind, their descendants, i.e., all humanity, did not get the much needed example of perfect individuals, ideal families, societies, and nations.

Adam should have become the True Father of humankind and Eve the True Mother. Instead, they became a false father and a false mother, creating an evil world full of false love, a false life, and a false lineage.

In a nutshell – what must happenGod has, however, never given up and has been working behind the scenes of human history so that one day His original ideal will be realized. Let us help God make that dream come true!

More about the teachings

“In a nutshell” – text: Knut Holdhus. Extended “in a nutshell” text: Brief about the teachings 

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