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Key Foundation of Christianity for Mother Moon

Hamheung Presbyterian Church 1927

Spirit-led churches laid key foundation of Christianity for new era welcoming God’s maternal love 

Yong-cheon Song
Dr. Yong-cheon Song delivering his message in Munich, Germany 18th May 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by FFWPU.

3rd part (final part) of a message by Dr. Yong-cheon Song, the International President of the Family Federation, at a large meeting in Munich, Germany 18th May 2024. Slightly edited version.

See part 1, part 2.

Third, we must properly understand the essence, status and value of Mother Moon, the first Only Begotten Daughter whom we have not known in that capacity until now.

Puritans, foundation of Christianity
Pilgrims Going to Church, painting from 1867 by George Henry Boughton (1833-1905). It shows how life may have been in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 17th Century. Photo: New York Historical Society / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image

There are two major providential foundations that needed to be established in order for Heaven to send Mother Moon to this earth. One is the foundational providence of restoration that led to the Reformation in Europe and the spirit of Puritanism in America, which I referred to earlier.

The other is the foundation of the providence of restoration sent to the church guided by Holy Spirit that arose in the “Jerusalem of the East”.

Based on these two foundations, Jesus’ prophecy “I will come again”, was made complete through the birth of the Only Begotten Daughter.

In the early 20th century, a Christian community of faith led by the Holy Spirit emerged centered on Pyongyang, that received revelations from God.

This spirit-led faith community received the revelation that Jesus would not come on the clouds, but would return in the flesh. Despite no one instructing them, these people led a strictly ascetic religious life and a life of attending God based only on the Bible in order to welcome the returning Lord and the Only Begotten Daughter.

Soon-ae Hong
Soon-ae Hong (홍순애, 1914-1989). Photo: FFWPU
Won-mo Cho
Weon-mo Jo (조원모, also written Won-mo Cho) (1889-1962). Photo: FFWPU

In particular, Mother Moon’s maternal grandmother Weon-mo Jo (조원모) and mother Soon-ae Hong (홍순애)  established a relationship with this spirit-led faith community and devoted themselves to a life of faith.

It was on the foundation of the conditions this spirit-led faith community set that Mother Moon, the Only Begotten Daughter, appeared in 1943. This is what Father Moon said about the birth of Mother Moon,

“Not everyone could have become Mother. The entire providence unfolded centered on those destined figures connected with the providence for Eve. With all the internal and external elements in order, the Lord comes and, with the cooperation of three women, conducts a Wedding Ceremony and at that time, the three women represent formation, growth and completion.

The fact that three generations – grandmother, mother and daughter – were united means that the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed testament eras were connected. Thus, we have entered the era when Parents can settle. Mother is the center of this.”

Father Moon spoke firmly and solemnly, saying that it is not everyone that can become Mother. There must be three generations of only-daughters who become one and have a foundation of merit for the sake of the Lord. In this way, through the spirit-led community of faith, Heaven prepared a three-generational family of only-daughters who set special conditions.

Hak Ja Han
Hak Ja Han during her teens. Photo: FFWPU

We must know that our Heavenly Parent works according to heavenly principles that He-She has established.

Mother Moon, who knows all of Heaven’s circumstances and bitter sorrow better than anyone, said,

“I made my own determination to participate in the Holy Wedding.”

Father Moon, who also knew this better than anyone, had also said three times when he first met Mother Moon,

Hak Ja Han has been born in Korea.” (“As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen”, Father Moon‘s autobiography, p 190)

And then he prayed,

God, you have sent such a wonderful woman named Hak Ja Han to Korea. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” (“As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen”, Father Moon‘s autobiography, p 190, Dr. Song’s own translation)

Dear brothers and sisters of Europe and the Middle East, with the title “Heavenly Parent’s starting and ending point are the same,” I have spoken on these three topics:

  1. “The essence of the Heavenly Parent”, that was conveyed to the True Parents.
  2. The truth about Heaven’s providence.
  3. The status and value of our True Mother, the first Only Begotten Daughter.

I’d like to tell you that if we sympathize with the True Parents’ profound circumstance and character and move forward in unity with Mother Moon‘s words, we have nothing to fear.

I believe that our Heavenly Parent will open the way ahead of us. Additionally, I believe that Mother Moon’s earnest wishes come from our Heavenly Parent’s earnestness. […]

You are precious heavenly treasures whom God has blessed. You are the precious God’s sons and daughters that Heaven remembers. Please absolutely never forget this clear fact. I express my sincere hope that in unity with our Heavenly Parent in each moment, you can show a good example with your life, that your exemplary thoughts and actions will spread to those around you, becoming the light and salt that illuminate a heavenly Europe. […]

Thank you.

See part 1, part 2.

Featured image above: Hamheung Presbyterian Church in Hamheung, on the East coast of what is now North Korea. Photo (1927): UCLA online archive Korean Christianity. Public domain image 

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