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Key Role of Christianity the Last 2000 Years

Coronation of Charlemagne

The key role of Christianity to build the foundation for what can turn history in good direction

Jack Corley on key role of Christianity
Rev. Jack Corley. Photo (2024): Personal

Part 4 of a lecture given by Rev. Jack Corley, head of the East European sub-region of the Family Federation, at an international prayer meeting by Zoom on 3rd April 2024. The lecture is based on a presentation originally given at seminars in South Korea as a preparation for publishing a new version of the teachings of the Family Federation.

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Dr. Hyeon-seob Do, the president of Sunhak UP Graduate University, Asan, South Korea. Photo: Sunhak University.

I’ll keep reading [from a provisional translation from Korean of presentation by Dr. Hyeon-seob Do, the president of Sunhak UP Graduate University, Asan, South Korea]:

Despite significant persecution and opposition from the Roman Empire, the Christians did not give up, but maintained their faith. As a result, Christianity grew rapidly.

The early church was established, and Christianity survived despite being much persecuted in the Roman Empire. Moreover, behind the explosive growth of Christianity was that they worshiped in the Spirit and the Truth and went out to the world in the Spirit and the Truth to spread the Gospel of Jesus.”

St. Paul
Saint Paul, painting by Guercino (1591-1666). Photo: Sotheby’s London / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

It was a time of great fervor. Even Saint Paul, who had never met Jesus, was so transformed that he became the great evangelist of early Christianity in the Mediterranean area.

After Christianity’s acceptance in Rome and its official establishment as a state religion, we see Christian history paralleling and indemnifying the history of Judaism in terms of providential numbers and events.

I’ll read some more:

Holy Roman Empire
Map of the Holy Roman Empire near year 1000. Photo: Semhur / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC ASA 3.0 Unp

“With the Pope’s blessing, the Holy Roman Empire was established. Centered on the spirit of Christianity, Western Europe took shape. In Eastern Europe and the Near East, a Christian-centered society also took firm root through the Byzantine Empire. Through Europe and the Near East, the Christian world emerged.

As a result of the passionate mission work of disciples since the Age of Exploration, Christianity spread throughout the world. Expanding beyond Europe and the Near East, Christianity became a global religion.”

That is according to a prophecy that when the Gospel is spread throughout the world, the Lord will return.

We continue:

“The bishops of the early church, with authority conferred on them by St. Peter, who received direct instruction from Jesus, had the authority to interpret the Bible.

In the process of building church unity, various opinions [views] about the nature of Jesus and the interpretation of the Bible were condemned [rejected], the relationship between the priests and believers was made [rigidly] vertical, and systems and organizations were created such that believers, who longed for the Word and the Holy Spirit, did not receive spiritual guidance.

Problems emerged that clearly showed the limitations and corruption of Christianity, including simony [buying or selling church offices, holy orders or sacred items], corruption in the monasteries, the secularization of the church, and the compromise of Christianity with social reality.”

However, the biggest problem, as Mother Moon has said, is that Christianity did not know the original essence of Jesus.

I’ll go on:

“Christianity started out without realizing what it should accomplish, or what its mission and role were.”

In other words, it moved forward without knowing clearly the purpose of history. Christians did not know clearly about Jesus’ Second Coming or about the Only Begotten Daughter.

I’ll continue:

Heavenly Parent could not allow the corruption of Christianity to continue unchecked, because of the need to carry out the providence – on the Christian foundation – to prepare for the birth of the Only Begotten Daughter and the Messiah at the Second Coming who would carry on the mission of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son.

God had to reform medieval Christianity, and this eventually would manifest as the Reformation.”

Martin Luther
Portrait from 1529 of Martin Luther by Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472–1553). Photo: Museum of German History in Berlin / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

One of the leading figures of the Protestant Reformation was, of course, Martin Luther, who in 1517 nailed to the door of a church in Wittenberg his 95 Theses, which questioned the authorities’ behavior.

John Calvin
Lithograph of John Calvin by Fr. Wentzel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

The Reformation was advanced through the theology of John Calvin. In different ways reformers began to appear in Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, and throughout Europe.

At various times, people stood up, sometimes at the risk of their life and even at the cost of their life. The Reformation challenged the traditional authority of the medieval Catholic Church and brought about great changes and more freedom.

Also, the printing press was invented at that time, and therefore the Bible was available to anyone who could read. In the past, only the priests could read it in Latin, which most of the population couldn’t do.

Reform, however, did not end with the Protestant Reformation or the establishment of the Anglican Church. Due to persecution from newly established Christian churches, the Pilgrim Fathers, in search of religious freedom, left Europe and settled in what became the United States.

I’ll continue reading:

“The United States was raised as a nation for Heavenly Parent, so as to create an environment for True Parents and to prevent a repetition of the Messiah going to the cross. In the wake of World War II, under Heavenly Parent’s blessing, the United States established itself as a nation that could lead the world. America has the same mission as the Roman Empire had in Jesus’ day – to accept and serve True Parents and to create an environment in which all nations of the world can accept and attend True Parents.”

Today, America is failing badly. But there is also another process going on, in which people are waking up. And I believe we’ve seen major changes.

I’ll go on reading:

Christianity, with its 2,000 years of history, must now properly know the truth of history and of Heavenly Parent’s providence. Christians must come to understand that the Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter, who are born with the full love and lineage of Heavenly Parent, are, through their Holy Wedding, to become True Parents who perfectly resemble Heavenly Parent. This is the most essential truth about Heavenly Parent’s providence to restore all of humankind.”

Christianity had to create a foundation for the birth of the returning Messiah who would take over the mission of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son who went the way of the cross, and for the birth of the Only Begotten Daughter, which was thwarted by the failure of the central figures at that time.

Christians should unite with and attend the True Parents, who have established their position through the Holy Wedding – the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christians should support True Parents, who are giving all people rebirth as Heavenly Parent’s children and completing the Heavenly Kingdom [Cheonil Guk in Korean], the ideal world in which Heavenly Parent directly exercises His sovereignty.

Let us give thanks to our True Parents, and especially Mother Moon, for their victorious accomplishments.

And let’s really prepare for the great and wonderful privilege of being able to welcome here in Europe the True Daughter of God, the Only Begotten Daughter of God, the living Holy Spirit, our beloved Mother Moon.

Thank you!

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Featured image above: Charlemagne crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III in Rome 25th Dec. in the year 800, painting by Friedrich Kaulbach (1822-1903). Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

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