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Media/Legal Expert: Communism Behind Persecution

Sergio Redo

Expert points out: Communism behind persecution and Japanese dissolution case

Tokyo, 12th February 2024 – Published as an article in the Japanese newspaper Sekai Nippo. Republished with permission. Translated from Japanese. Original article

Calmly Re-Examining the Abe assassination

Part 2 of interview with Sergio Redo, Chairman of the São Paulo State Press Association

Opposition to the dissolution of the Family Federation.

by Satoru Ayamura (綾村 悟) in Sao Paulo

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Sekai Nippo points out media bias
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Could the Japanese government’s request to the Tokyo District Court for a dissolution order against the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (formerly known as the Unification Church) be seen as acquiescing to the demands of the terrorist who assassinated former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?

The intense hatred directed at Shinzo Abe transformed into a surge of emotions that engulfed society and was directed towards the Family Federation and its followers. Japanese society reacted according to the intentions of the terrorist.

Deliberate lies about Shinzo Abe
Shinzo Abe in 2017. Photo: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC Attr 2.0 Gen. Cropped

It is said that Abe sending a video message to an organization related to the Family Federation (formerly known as the Unification Church) evoked in people a feeling of him having a friendly relationship with the religious organisation. However, even in Brazil, where the constitution mandates the separation of religion and state, it is common and legal for politicians to attend events of religious associations and deliver greetings. Isn’t it contrary to the separation of church and state for the state to persecute a particular religion?

Is there solid evidence that can be verified, that Shinzo Abe was in a close enough relationship with the Family Federation to warrant severe criticism from the media and public? Perhaps Japanese society needs to calmly reassess and reevaluate what the hatred of a terrorist has brought upon society as a whole.

Essentially, doesn’t the media have a role to play in curbing the government’s recklessness?

Japanese media
Some Japanese media outlets. Image: Knut Holdhus

The purpose of all media, including television, newspapers, radio, and online media, is to convey information. In addition, media professionals are required to have a professional ethic that conveys the truth to society, and as professionals take responsibility for the content of their reporting. I hope that taking such a responsibility will lead to “watchdog journalism” and a professional reporting that tells the truth.

In the Japanese parliament, the position of members of the Family Federation was ignored, and there was no criticism of the government’s request for a dissolution order that would strip the believers of their places of worship and other sources of support. Some have even pointed that the situation is similar to the totalitarianism of pre-war times.

Just like in Japan, in Brazil as well, freedom of religion and its rights are guaranteed by the constitution. Suppressing what is naturally recognized as an individual’s fundamental right would constitute a violation of constitutional rights.

I hope that Japan will not open the door to totalitarianism, akin to the neo-fascism that arose in Italy after World War II. I urge the Japanese government and the judiciary to listen carefully to opinions from active members of the Family Federation and explore possibilities other than issuing a dissolution order. The court’s decision will also serve as a recommendation to Japanese society. Japan must never step into a ‘dark age’ where freedom is taken away.

As someone involved in journalism and the legal profession, I believe that opposing any possibility of dissolving the Family Federation is essential. Restricting and prohibiting fundamental rights such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of association would be unacceptable.

Does the infringement on religious freedom in Japan have the potential to spread from Japan to other countries?

Of course. Attacks on freedom of religion carried out by Japanese politicians would quickly spread worldwide as a chain reaction. There is no doubt that Brazil would also become one of the countries affected by such an influence.

Japan is respected around the world, but Japan’s current position of issuing an order to dissolve a religious organisation that have not been criminally punished, does not seem reasonable from a common sense and ethical point of view.

Kazuo Shii: communism behind persecution
In Nov. 2022 interview, Kazuo Shii, chairman of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) said the party is fighting the “final war” against the Family Federation / Unification Church. Here Shii on 30th March 2023. Photo: Attribution: 首相官邸ホームページ / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC Attr 4.0 Int. Cropped

I also feel that there is an ideological aspect behind the movement to dissolve the Family Federation. We must not forget that many instances of national division, conflict, and war have started from ideologies. Behind the persecution of the Family Federation lies the ideology of communism. It is particularly important for those who identify as conservatives to perceive this as a serious issue. Volunteers should gather and engage in democratic opposition activities against the dissolution of the Family Federation. (Interviewer: Satoru Ayamura, São Paulo)

Featured image above: Sergio Redo, Chairman of the São Paulo State Press Association, posing for a photo in front of pictures of past chairmen. Photo: Sekai Nippo.

Read part 1 of the interview

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