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Message of Mother Moon in Munich, Germany May 19

Mother Moon May 19, 2024

Pentecost Message of Mother Moon 19th May 2024 in Munich during her European visit

Message of Mother Moon in Munich
Mother Moon on stage in Showpalast, Munich, Germany 19th May 2024. Photo: Andranik Karagezian-Skrodzki / FFWPU

The official translation of a speech Mother Moon, Hak Ja Han, gave in Korean at a large meeting in Showpalast, Munich, Germany 19th May 2024. 

Today is Pentecost. Who is it that is here in front of you? (Wang Omma [Korean for “Grand Mom”]). Jesus Christ and the substantial Holy Spirit, the only begotten Daughter, Wang Omma, are both here.

I am here because of the hope of Jesus. Having no recourse but to go to the cross, he promised to return. Christianity began through the apostles, with their resurrection through the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Christianity has existed for over two thousand years, but it has unfortunately never really understood the essence of Jesus [to be a father and True Parent]. After the crucifixion, Christians were persecuted by the Roman Empire for some 300 years before it was officially recognized. With Rome as the central point, Christianity spread throughout Europe and eventually to the world.

Jesus. Artistic image from 2021 of Jesus from multiple sources, including the Shroud of Turin (XIV century). Photo: Monozigote / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC ASA 4.0 Int

Jesus taught that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. The historical truth, however, is that Christianity was unable to fully apply Jesus’ essential teachings. In fact, due to self-centered thinking, it caused a great deal of harm alongside the good it did in many countries.

The Creator originally created the heavens and the earth in the divine image. God created everything in pairs: the mineral world as plus and minus, the plant world with pistil and stamen, and the animal world with male and female. Finally, God created a man and a woman who were to become the progenitors of humankind and gave them responsibility. God waited for them to reach maturity and perfect their characters through a period of growth.

Because they could not do this, the world we see today is the result of the Fall. Over the 6,000 biblical years of history until the present time, we have not seen even one day of peace in the world, only war and conflict. Furthermore, even religions have been unable to harmonize, though they profess peace. A current example is the conflict in the Middle East, a war based partly on differences of religion.

Christianity is no different. It divided into the Catholic and Orthodox faiths, and after many mistakes the Reformation took place and Protestantism emerged. Yet Protestantism has also split into many denominations. All Christians are waiting for the Messiah, but if the Second Advent of the Messiah occurs, where do you think he will come to?

When we look at the current state of the world, there is no beacon of hope shining for the future. The Creator, however, is eternal. Therefore, the Creator’s beginning and ending points are the same. As God began things, God must complete them without fail and bring his dream to fruition. Thus, God could not simply abandon fallen humanity, but began the providence of restoration through indemnity, the providence of salvation.

God chose the people of Israel and by setting up central figures during the course of their history until they could establish themselves as individuals, families, tribes, a people and a nation, Heaven advanced the providence. It was a long and arduous process that took 4,000 years. God could then send Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son whom he could call his own.

Despite this long process, even Mary, who conceived Jesus Christ in her womb did not understand Jesus’ true essence. It was her responsibility to realize that although Jesus came as the only begotten son to save fallen humanity, he could not do this by himself. The principles of Creation and of salvation require both a man and a woman. Mary should have offered devotions and prepared the environment for Jesus [to find a wife]. Her life however went a different way. In the Bible we find many references to issues between Mary and Jesus.

Ultimately, this failure resulted in Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus promised to come again, and to hold, on his return, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Yet the returning Lord must have a partner to hold the Wedding Feast. Why could Christianity not have grasped this simple truth?

Mother Moon 19th May 2024
Mother Moon on stage in Showpalast, Munich, Germany 19th May 2024. Photo: Andranik Karagezian-Skrodzki / FFWPU

When the Messiah returns, he needs his Bride. Heaven selected the Korean people through whom to send her as the only begotten Daughter, who could not appear 2,000 years ago. The only begotten Daughter was born in Korea in 1943.

You cannot comprehend how much God has labored for this one occasion. Christians do not know Jesus’ essence and are still unaware that Jesus’ dream and wish was to become the True Parent.

To become the True Parent, the returning Messiah must certainly meet the only begotten Daughter. It is Heaven that brings the only begotten Daughter to birth. The only begotten Daughter must come from a Christian background. It is only then that the Christian providence centered on Jesus can be fully realized. Is this clear?

Considering these facts, although Europe was the continent on which the worldwide mission of Jesus began in the early days, we cannot say Europe has fulfilled these responsibilities, and now it is facing many challenges.

In order to realize God‘s and Jesus’ dream, the True Parents must be born. On the foundation of 2,000 years of Christianity, people of the Christian faith all over the world should be able to know the essence of Jesus, to wait for the appearance of the True Parents, and to meet the True Parents. We should offer devotions for these purposes.

Mother Moon May 19, 2024
Mother Moon speaking in Munich, Germany 19th May 2024. Photo: Andranik Karagezian-Skrodzki / FFWPU

As at the time of Pentecost 2,000 years ago, the substantial Holy Spirit and only begotten Daughter has now come to Europe to create the environment in which all Christians and all people can achieve actual and complete resurrection through the Holy Spirit, and we can open our ears, open our eyes, and directly understand Heaven’s providence and the essence and purpose of Jesus’ coming.

There is a verse in the Bible that says, ‘So the last will be first, and the first last.’ [Matt. 20:16] If you now become one with True Parents in this era of the only begotten Daughter, your efforts will come to fruition.

You are the second, third and fourth generation children who were born of blessed families through True Parents. I told you that you are Pure Water, did I not? I am your Wang Omma [Grand Mom] who is directly attending Heavenly Parent and making history by bringing the dream of one family of humankind to fruition on earth.

Therefore, you, who are Pure Water, should become the central figures in the work of national restoration and world restoration that your Wang Omma [Grand Mom] is carrying out, by establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth where we can all attend Heavenly Parent in our homes, families, churches, and nations. You will do that, won’t you? Thank you!

Only when you become 100%, 120% one with me while I am here on earth and achieve the completion of the providence will you become great and historic central figures who will be remembered forever, and have prestigious descendants come through your families.

St. Paul
Saint Paul, painting by Guercino (1591-1666). Photo: Sotheby’s London / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

Think about the Apostle Paul. At one time he hunted down those who believed in Jesus during the early persecution of Christianity. Yet, through the intervention of Jesus himself, Paul turned around 180 degrees and became the greatest evangelist. You know this history, don’t you? How do you think he travelled from the Middle East to the southern tip of Greece and to Rome? What form of transport did he take? I think he must have walked most of the time. He must have suffered indescribably. However, as a result of his diligent witnessing, and upholding the promise he had received from Jesus, his name is recorded in the Bible. Isn’t that so?

In the same way, please keep in mind that this is the golden age when your accomplishments during the Cheon Il Guk era with True Parents and the only begotten Daughter and Mother of Peace, Wang Omma [Grand Mom], can shine brightly and be remembered for eternity.

But how are we actually doing? Our Unification history in Europe includes more than 50 years of missionary efforts. There are more than 56 countries where we have active missions, yet full national restoration has not been accomplished in even one country. Can you lift your faces proudly before Heaven or not? You are unable to do so, right? Now we are preparing for the Entrance Ceremony for the Cheon Il Sanctum in Cheon Won Gung next year [buildings in South Korea]. It is the place where all people will directly attend Heavenly Parent on earth.

Do your best and please become the young second and third generation leaders of Europe who can show some victorious accomplishment to Heavenly Parent and achieve national restoration.

Go out and proudly speak about the truth of the providence, the essence of our Creator, the essence of Jesus and about True Parents. True Parents! Please do your best to bring Europe to be a continent that can participate in True Parentsprovidence before it is too late. Please pledge this before heaven and earth.

It has been so nice to see you; I have missed you. But as the Wang Omma [Grand Mom] of all humanity, I would like to see more of “my children” next time. Can you understand? I hope you will do your best.

Featured image above: Mother Moon speaking in Munich, Germany 19th May 2024. Photo: Screenshot from HJ Global News 25th May 2024 / FFWPU

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