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Ministry Basing Case on Fabricated Victims

Takashi Miyamura

At Tokyo District Court: Religious minority argues that Ministry has based its case on fabricated victims.

Part 2 of the English version of statement by President Tomihiro Tanaka, President of the Family Federation (FFWPU) of Japan, at the Tokyo District Court on 22nd February 2024. Published with permission.

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Tomihiro Tanaka
Tomihiro Tanaka, President of the Family Federation in Japan. Here at press conference 7th November 2023 in Tokyo. Photo: FFWPU

Next, I would like to discuss the unavoidable issues of deprogramming by means of abduction and confinement when addressing the issues of our church. Organizations opposing our church have systematically and persistently engaged in egregious human rights violations, such as abduction, confinement, and forced de-conversion against our believers, with the aim of destroying our church. According to our church‘s records, over 4,300 believers have suffered from such abuses. When a believer is abducted and confined, they are subjected to daily verbal abuse from those trying to force them to leave the church, and they are not released from confinement even for years until they are acknowledged that they have truly lost their faith.

To be recognized as having lost one’s faith, the confined believer must actively collaborate in abducting and confining other believers, engage in opposition activities such as providing defamatory statements to the media and filing civil lawsuits against our church. In this way, believers who originally led active and positive religious lives are transformed into apostates through abduction and confinement who vehemently oppose our church. These former believers then sue our church, make false statements in court to secure victories. When they win the cases, these results are reported in the media, then other believers’ parents become concerned. This leads to a cycle of infinite repetition, with new believers being abducted and confined.

Forced puppet lawsuits with fabricated victims
Strong proof of lawyers exploiting illegalities: correlation between number of deprogrammings and number of lawsuits. Illustration: Tatsuki Nakayama, lawyer

Additionally, there have been instances where former believers who had left the church urged women believers who had made donations to our church to seek repayment through lawsuits. As a result, multiple civil lawsuits have been filed against our church. The number of abduction and confinement cases and the number of civil lawsuits against our church exhibit a similar pattern over time.

An increase in abduction and confinement cases is followed by a slight time lag, after which there is an increase in civil lawsuits. Similarly, a decrease in abduction and confinement cases is followed by a slight time lag, after which there is a decrease in civil lawsuits. Detailed information is available in the report submitted by our church as Exhibit B7, and I recommend referring to it.

Takashi Miyamura
Professional deprogrammer Takashi Miyamura (宮村峻). Photo: FFWPU

Remarkably, Mr. Takashi Miyamura, a central figure among those orchestrating deprogramming, is said to have been planning to dissolve our church through abduction, confinement, and legal battles since the early 1990s.

ICCPR on human rights Japan
From header of UN document with United Nations’ recommendations to Japan on human rights of believers.

In 2014, the United Nations Human Rights Committee issued recommendations urging the Japanese government to handle the issue of abduction and forced confinement appropriately.

Furthermore, in 2015, the Supreme Court decision was issued in a lawsuit filed by a believer who had suffered abduction, confinement, and coerced deconversion for 12 years against figures such as Mr. Takashi Miyamura, confirming a complete victory for the believer. Although the issue of abduction and confinement was largely resolved through this process, many former believers who had left the church due to abduction, confinement, and coerced deconversion sued our church.

Symbol of MEXT
Symbol of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. Photo: 文部科学省 (MEXT Japan) / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC Attr 4.0 Int

In nationwide lawsuits against our church by former believers, known as the “Return Our Youth”, the majority of the 180 plaintiffs, in Sapporo, Niigata, Tokyo, and elsewhere, with only a few exceptions, were believers who had experienced abduction and confinement. Additionally, of the 22 civil judgments that MEXT [Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology] relied on for the exercise of questioning rights, more than half of the plaintiffs, to the best of our knowledge, were victims of abduction and confinement. In addition, MEXT submitted 257 written testimonies in the request for dissolution order in this case, but it was confirmed that approximately half of them are victims of abduction and confinement.

We highlighted the fact that opposing groups fabricated “victims” by engaging in illegal activities as abduction and confinement in the report submitted by our church to MEXT for responding to their exercise of questioning rights. However, MEXT [Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology], in its first written statement, argues that there is no reasonable basis for our church‘s claims regarding the issue of abduction and confinement. However, the aforementioned UN recommendation is based on the premise that Japan is in violation of international law. Therefore, if MEXT denies the fact of deprogramming by means of abduction and confinement itself, it is tantamount to an official declaration that the Japanese government has no intention of complying with international law, making it an extremely serious situation.

In Western countries, particularly among former members who become aggressive toward their former religious organizations are called “apostates”, and research by scholars of religious sociology has shown that the discourse of apostates lacks credibility. However, such research findings were not available in Japan. Consequently, both the media and the courts have tended to lend an ear to the discourse of apostates. The excessive falsehoods in the discourse of apostates, and the fact that it should not be used as evidence in the dissolution request case, have already been clearly demonstrated in the written statement (2) submitted by our church.

Continued in part 3.

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Featured image above: Faith-breaker Takashi Miyamura (宮村峻), responsible for hundreds of deprogrammings based on abduction and forcible detention. In huge number of cases victims were forced to sue the Unification Church. Illustration: Japanese Victims’ Association against Religious Kidnapping and Forced Conversion

“Ministry Basing Case on Fabricated Victims” – text: Tomihiro Tanaka

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