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Mother Moon Praying for Korean Reunification

Changwon prayer rally for Korean reunification

Large prayer rally for Korean reunification held in South Korea

Prayer rally for Korean reunification in Changwon
From the prayer rally in Changwon 26th Nov. 2023. Photo: Screenshot from HJ Global News on PeaceTV 2nd Dec. 2023.

Mother Moon visited Changwon (창원) South Korea’s 11th largest city with 1,2 million inhabitants, on the south coast, on 26th November 2023 to take part in a “Grand Prayer Rally for the Salvation of the Nation and the World and the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula”.

In a powerful message, she reminded all 6,000 participants in the Changwon Convention Center that recognizing and serving the Heavenly Parent [God] will be the key to achieving the true reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

The theme of the event was “Happy Families through Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values – Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula”.

A choir performed before a “water-mixing ceremony” for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula, led by religious leaders, followed by Reverend Ki-seong Lee from the Family Federation, who on their behalf read a “Letter of Gratitude to Heaven”.

There were several congratulatory messages from local leaders. Myeong-rae Cho, Deputy Mayor of Changwon City, said,

Myeong-rae Cho
Myeong-rae Cho. Photo: Screenshot PeaceTV
Ki-yeon Kang
Ki-yeon Kang. Photo: Screenshot PeaceTV
Lee-geun Kim
Lee-geun Kim. Photo: Screenshot PeaceTV

“I believe that in the not too distant future, the day we all yearn for will come to Korea. I am convinced that the power of your prayers for the nation will reach Heaven and be fulfilled. Let’s all pray together!”

Ki-yeon Kang, Member of the National Assembly of Korea, said,

“I believe that the philosophy of fostering peace through the importance of family, and a culture of filial piety and righteousness, as promoted by the Family Federation, is indeed the cornerstone for achieving world peace.”

Lee-geun Kim, Chairman of the Changwon Special City Council, stated,

“I earnestly hope that through today’s prayer meeting, based on the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity, universally shared values, we can present a vision for the unification of the Korean peninsula and make peace a reality.”

Kwang-seok Song, President of the Family Federation of South Korea, gave a special message,

Kwang-seok Song speaking about Korean reunification
Kwang-seok Song, President of the Family Federation of South Korea, speaking 26th Nov. 2023. Photo: Screenshot from HJ Global News on PeaceTV 2nd Dec. 2023.

“Unfortunately, North and South Korea still point their guns at each other. To ultimately resolve this unfortunate situation, Dr. Hak Ja Han, Mother Moon, has launched the ‘Peace road – the great march towards unification’, which over the last 11 years, has seen the participation of young people from over 160 countries, with the goal of creating an environment where no more war can occur on the Korean peninsula. I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank the city of Changwon for its active participation in this movement.”

The congratulatory speeches were followed by several congratulatory video messages from political and administrative authorities of South Gyeongsang Province, including Gwan-su Pak, the Governor of the Province; Jin-bu Kim, Speaker of South Gyeongsang Provincial Assembly; and Jong-hoon Park, Superintendent of Education for South Gyeongsang.

After a dance performance and songs of praise by a choir, there were more short speeches. Tetsuka Kaoru, Instructor of the heavenly Unified Korea Theory, said,

Tetsuka Kaoru
Tetsuka Kaoru. Photo: Screenshot PeaceTV

“I’m a Japanese woman who married a Korean man, and together we raised a family with four children. I love Korea more than anyone. It’s because I learnt the true peace theory taught by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han, who have dedicated their lives to world peace, the salvation of humankind, and the unification of the Korean peninsula.”

Hye-sun Jung
Hye-sun Jung Photo: Screenshot PeaceTV

Jung Hye-sun (정혜선), famous South Korean actress, said,

“I believe that peaceful reunification [of Korea] cannot be achieved by just one person, but by our collective efforts. Dear citizens of Changwon, I sincerely think that if each one of you participates and actively supports this movement, led by [Dr. Hak Ja Han], we will truly achieve peaceful reunification [of Korea] by 2025.”

Artists playing traditional musical instruments and singers performing Korean folk songs entertained the large audience before Mother Moon delivered her main address about the way to a reunified peaceful Korean peninsula.

Mother Moon 26th Nov. 2023
Mother Moon speaking 26th Nov. 2023 in Changwon. Photo: Screenshot from HJ Global News on PeaceTV 2nd Dec. 2023.

“Human efforts and those of politicians alone can neither resolve the current problems of Korea nor pave the way to a ‘Heavenly Unified Korea’. It’s only by becoming one with the True Parents, who attend our Heavenly Parent [God] as their center, that South and North Korea can be reunited.

I ask the sleeping Christian realm to revive and take the lead with me in achieving a ‘Heavenly Unified Korea’. We must complete the path to realize the wish of the only begotten son Jesus Christ, who has worked so hard for 2,000 years. Only then, will we become one with the ‘only begotten daughter’ (독생녀 in Korean) and rise up. I pray that Christianity and all religions will advance not only in Korea, but also around the world. I therefore pray that all of you gathered here today will demonstrate leadership surpassing that of a hundred or a thousand persons and be victorious without fail.”

Finally, all the participants sang the Song of Unity in unison, waving flags for the Republic of Korea and the Korean Peninsula.

Featured image above: Mother Moon speaking at the prayer rally i Changwon, South Korea 26th Nov. 2023. Photo: Screenshot from HJ Global News on PeaceTV 2nd Dec. 2023.

“Mother Moon Praying for Korean Reunification” – text: Knut Holdhus, written based on report on HJ Global News on PeaceTV 2nd December 2023.

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