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Our Heavenly Parent – a Genius of Artistic Beauty

Artistic beauty in nature

Prayer on Holy Day with nature in focus inspired by tremendous artistic beauty in our surroundings

Matthew Huish
Matthew Huish delivering a speech in Oslo, Norway 17th March 2024. Photo: Knut Holdhus

Excerpt from a prayer offered by Matthew Huish, assistant head of the North Europe subregion of the Family Federation, at an early morning Europe-wide online meeting 6th June 2024 to celebrate the Day of All True Things, one of the major Holy Days of the Family Federation.

Good morning, our loving Heavenly Parent. It is our privilege to be able to join together as “brothers and sisters” across our Europe and Middle East region in order to offer this Holy Day celebration service to you.

We want to unite our hearts in celebration of this special Holy Day that our True Parents have declared and invited us to share with them.

They have invited the entire world to share this Holy Day, to celebrate this Holy Day together with them.

And we want to be connected in heart with our True Father in the spirit world and our True Mother here on earth as we make this offering together.

Sunset Lake Tekapo
Sunset at Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand. Photo by Jim Witkowski on Unsplash

Heavenly Parent, you are a genius of artistic beauty. When we look at this world that you have created, there is so much fascinating wonder in everything in creation.

Heavenly Parent, you painstakingly prepared this universe as an environment in which you could express your creativity and your love. And we see your image everywhere, in every part of the universe, in every corner of life, in the laws of mathematics and physics, in the beauty of a morning sunrise or a mountain.

Heavenly Parent, we can see how much love you have for everything that you have created. There is nothing that you have created that does not possess your divine wonder about it.

And we want to celebrate the beauty of the creation. Heavenly Parent, of course we are a part of that creation. As your special children, we not only reflect your identity in symbol, but we reflect your identity in image.

And it was your desire, after spending billions of years preparing the environment, that your children would emerge, who would know who you are, would know deeply your meaning in creating this universe, and would inherit your love for it, your creativity and would inherit your stewardship over this universe.

But because of the Fall, Heavenly Parent, our hearts became so corrupted, unable to be sensitive to your desire, unable to recognise the original purpose for which you created this universe.

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ. Image generated by Microsoft Designer Image Creator.

And so, it has taken such a long time for humanity to purify themselves to the point where you could send Jesus 2,000 years ago who was to be the True Parent, and even that experienced a setback.

True Parents smiling
True Parents smiling under cherry blossoms. Photo: FFWPU

You had to wait another 2,000 years before the emergence of our True Parents, who can finally complete this mission of discovering your heart and sharing it in its depth and profundity with humanity.

We are all invited to walk the path that our True Parents have prepared for us to inherit your heart.

Heavenly Parent, and it is our destiny to realise the three great blessings, the third of which is to become “owners” of the creation.

Heavenly Parent, we want to be “owners” of ourselves. We want to be “owners” of our families and our communities. But also, we want to “own” the creation that you have blessed us with.

We want to use the beautiful creation that you have given to us to create an environment that can return joy to you, and we want to serve the creation.

All things of creation are yearning to create an environment in which your heart, Heavenly Parent, can sing and dance with joy.

So I pray that on this day we can not only offer our own hearts, Heavenly Parent, but also the heart of all of creation.

Each of us attending this celebration service is responsible for some corner of this universe, however big or small it may be.

And we want to make an offering together with our home, with our office, with our school, with our place of work. Wherever we are we want to offer all things to you today to bring joy to your heart. Heavenly Parent, with gratitude in our hearts to the True Parents for inviting us to celebrate this Holy Day, we are proud to attend this celebration service. […]

Featured image above: Beauty in nature. Photo by Birger Strahl on Unsplash.

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