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Parents Pay for Activism of Pastors and Lawyers

Toru Goto and parents

Pastors and lawyers instilling fear in parents and making them pay dearly for destructive activism

Third part of an opinion letter to the court concerning the request for a dissolution order against the Family Federation (formerly the Unification Church), written 12th December 2023 by Rev. Haruhisa Nakagawa (中川晴久), Pastor of Christian Church of the Lord’s Sheep (主の羊クリスチャン教会), Executive Secretary of Tokyo Christian Theological Institute, President of Japan Christian Theological Institute. He conducted an undercover investigation of the Unification Church in 2012.

Translated from Japanese. Original article.

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4. At a meeting of the national network of lawyers

Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Hiroshi Yamaguchi, activist leftwing lawyer. Photo: Screenshot / Bitter Winter

When I attended a meeting of the Zenkoku Benren (National Network of Lawyers Against Spiritual Sales) in September 2011, there were several pastors present who were involved in abduction and confinement cases.

During the social gathering after the meeting, Attorney Hiroshi Yamaguchi (山口広), who played a central role, exclaimed during the closing remarks, “Sun Myung Moon should rot in hell!” The audience responded with an emphatic “Oh!” and the social gathering came to an end. The hatred towards the Unification Church was exceptionally intense.

At that time, I still didn’t realize the deep collaboration between the National Network of Lawyers Against Spiritual Sales and the groups behind abduction and confinement. At the social gathering venue, I spoke with Attorney Masaki Gouro (郷路征記) about a former Unification Church student I had once known at K University.

That young man had been abducted and confined by Pastor Mamoru Takazawa (高澤守) of the Christian Truth Church of Kobe (キリスト教神戸真教会). During the captivity, Takazawa had told him,

“You are the 647th person [or was it the 674th? Nakagawa doesn’t remember clearly]. There are currently six other people whom I am also holding captive.”

Mamoru Takazawa
Mamoru Takazawa, pastor and faith-breaker. Photo: Kazuhiro Yonemoto

In response, Attorney X angrily retorted, “Counting the number of people he’s abducted? Takazawa is going too far!” It was then that I realized that Attorney X was merely upset about the act of counting the abductees. I had assumed that he was against abduction and confinement, but he knew the facts of what was actually going on.

5. The actual circumstances of abduction and confinement

Pastors involved in abduction and confinement thoroughly instill fear of the Unification Church into the parents of believers and encourage the parents to attend the pastor’s own church. When parents reach the point where they want their children to leave the Unification Church, the parents are given the leading role for abducting and confining their own children. Note that when we say “children”, we are referring to adults who have already reached maturity. Furthermore, the opposing pastors are not volunteers. They receive compensation, fees, and rewards from the parents. When their son or daughter quits the Unification Church, both parents and child can become members of the pastor’s congregation.

Even if being abducted and confined, the child cannot sue the parent. The bond of “affection” between parents and children is exploited. Parents are also instructed to channel their affection towards their child. These pastors, under the guise of Christian faith, lecture parents on the theory and methods of abduction and confinement, leading them to ambush their own child “with love”. The child, aware of this “affection”, experiences immense suffering. Regardless, this leaves significant emotional scars and will seriously damage the parent-child relationship.

Haruhisa Nakagawa exposing pastors and lawyers
Rev. Haruhisa Nakagawa (中川晴久). Photo: Private

I personally interviewed someone who had been abducted and confined by Pastor S, a well-known pastor associated with forced de-conversion. The abducted individual had his hands and feet tied for two days. During restroom breaks, one of the parents allegedly had to pull down what he was wearing. Even though it was one’s own parent, it was a humiliating experience. This strategy aims to break the individual’s spirit and diminish the captive’s resistance from the outset. However, even if he or she eventually quits the faith, deep wounds remain in the parent-child relationship.

Naturally, ordinary parents would never subject their child to such a treatment. Behind the scenes, there are individuals orchestrating these actions on behalf of the parents. Once the person’s spirit is broken, and he or she no longer resists, the pastor finally appears for coercion. The captive remains locked up until de-conversion occurs.

Then, the next step involves presenting evidence in court, claiming, “I was under mind control!” This is where a lawyer from the national network of lawyers is introduced. Such a “format” exists. Christian pastors do not engage in these actions without legal assurances. The parents take the lead, with a Christian pastor backing them up, with lawyers as their support. Both pastors and lawyers are not volunteers. The parents pay the pastors for the faith-breaking, and if the case goes to court, the parents must cover those costs as well. In that way, money flows to pastors and lawyers.

Continued in part 4.

See part 1, part 2

Featured image: Illustration of Toru Goto, a member of the Family Federation, just before he was kidnapped by his parents and relatives in 1995 in Tokyo. Illustration: Japanese Victims’ Association against Religious Kidnapping and Forced Conversion

Text published 11:23 am 28th Dec. 2023. Updated: 10:17 pm.

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