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What God had in mind at the time of creation – God’s ideal

Then what would have been the ideal that God hoped to achieve through the creation of humankind?

god's idealIt was to fulfill the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation signifies Adam and Eve in a state of complete union with God. This makes it impossible for them to separate from the realm of God‘s love, no matter how hard they may try.

In other words, it refers to the foundation of a family with God as its center, established when the husband and wife have achieved complete oneness not only with each other but also with God, and when they have become an ideal couple and given birth to ideal children.

When the family four-position foundation is thus completed, that family becomes a family of the ideal of creation desired by God.

Generally speaking, a family is formed through the coming together of husband and wife and of parents and children. At the center of that family group there must be God‘s love. At this point, the husband represents heaven and the wife earth.

Although they are two separate beings, when husband and wife have become one, horizontally speaking, their union symbolizes the unity of heaven and earth. Simply put, when husband and wife are in unity based on God’s love, the way to bring unity in the universe opens up.

Ladies and gentlemen, God created the world to receive joy from it. Since even the absolute being, God, could not feel joy while alone, He needed a partner with whom He could share the giving and receiving of love. This is because joy cannot be learned all by oneself, but can only be experienced through a partner.

To put it in another way, God created this world in order to feel joy from seeing humankind and all things of the creation become one through His love, forming a harmonious and peaceful world of love.

god's ideal – child birth
New life created. Public domain image

On such a basis, human beings were meant to form true conjugal relationships centering upon His love, and to establish families, tribes, peoples, nations and a world of true love.

God created this world to participate directly in this process and to feel joy from it. We can see that human beings are absolutely essential to fulfill God’s ideal of love, and, in light of this, we can better understand the concept that absolute value is derived from an absolute partner.

God, as the Father, and humankind, as His children, were to form a vertical axis, and this was the purpose for the creation of human beings.

If this axis had been connected perfectly, that is, if a relationship that united humankind and God as one through true love had been established, that relationship would have been an absolutely inseparable one, which no force in the universe could break apart.

How could anyone who has been bound to the original love of God, and who has tasted that love, ever be separated from it?

“God’s Ideal” is an excerpt from the Peace Messages (Peace Message 2), delivered by both Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han in March 2006 and on a global speaking tour to 180 nations the same year.

God‘s ideal is a key part of their teachings. Everything He / She created was part of the process to realize God’s ideal. The first chapter of the Unification Principles (Divine Principle) goes into great detail to explain the ideal God wanted to realize at the time of creation.

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