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The importance of lineage – God lost His entire lineage

importance of lineage
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“Do you know what has pained God’s heart the most, causing Him the greatest grief over the long history since the Fall of Adam and Eve?

God lost His lineage. And with the loss of His lineage, He lost His right of ownership. Let me talk about lineage for a moment.

Lineage is more important than life and more important than love. Life and love come together to create lineage. Lineage cannot be established if either life or love is missing.

Therefore, among the three qualities that define the parent-child relationship – love, life and lineage – lineage is the fruit. God’s lineage contains the seed of true love. God’s lineage provides the context and environment for a true life.

Hence, for us to become the ideal people envisioned by God, that is, people of ideal character, and to create ideal families, we first need to be linked to His lineage.

To take it a step further, only when we are linked to God’s lineage is it possible to create God’s homeland, the ideal nation. Only when we are linked to God’s lineage is it possible to establish the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. Please inscribe the importance of lineage in your hearts. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Without lineage, neither life nor love can endure. You strive to set a good tradition, but it will endure only through your lineage. Lineage is the bridge allowing the parents’ spirit to carry on through subsequent generations.

In other words, lineage is the first and final condition necessary for parents to harvest the fruits of their love, the fruits of their life and the fruits of their joy. We need to know this with certainty.

Yet when Adam and Eve fell, this lineage, more precious than life, was lost. The fruits of true life and true love never matured. They became the fruits of Satan, lacking any relationship with Heaven. From them descended the six billion people now inhabiting the earth.

God intended for the seeds He planted in the springtime of the Garden of Eden to grow into a bountiful crop that He could harvest in the autumn. The ideal of God’s creation was to raise Adam and Eve, His son and daughter, to the point where they would blossom in true love, flourish with true life, and bear fruit in a true lineage.

God desired to gather up owners – and families – of eternal life, eternal love and eternal lineage, and to bring about His kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world as their homeland.

[…] What did I say we lost by the Fall of Adam and Eve, who were created as God’s children? First, we lost the lineage given to us by God.

Lineage is the most special among all the gifts parents bequeath to their children.

By the Fall, Adam and Eve inherited the false lineage of Satan and descended to the status of his children. We must understand with certainty that all human beings today, without exception, are descendants of the Fall and have inherited the lineage of Satan.

When God created Adam and Eve, He invested His entire being, 100 percent. He created them based on the standard of absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. He gave them His lineage as the seed for their love and life.

Likewise, from this moment on, God is re-creating you as new people. The path is open wide for you to change your lineage through the Holy Wine Ceremony that the True Parents have instituted. The Blessing is yours, either as newlywed couples or as already married couples, that you may establish true families.”

(“The Importance of Lineage” is an excerpt from Peace Message 1, first delivered by Sun Myung Moon 12th Sept.2005 in New York). Father and Mother Moon often emphasize the importance of lineage in their speeches.

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