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The Kingdom of Heaven – a world overflowing with true love

kingdom of heaven
Photo: Damian Markutt / Unsplash
Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of place is the kingdom of heaven? In brief, the heavenly kingdom is a world overflowing with God’s true love. True love is its axis. True love is everywhere, in the outward expression as well as in the inward thought. Everyone’s life is filled with true love from beginning to end.

In the kingdom of heaven, people are born through true love, live in the embrace of true love and follow the track of true love until the day they pass on into the next world, the spirit world.

The kingdom of heaven is a natural world where all people live for the sake of one another. Consequently, antagonism and jealousy cannot be found anywhere in that world.

It is a world that is not governed by money, position or power.

There, the success of every person represents the success of the whole, the likes of every person represent the likes of the whole, and the joy of every person represents the joy of the whole.

The kingdom of heaven is a world filled with the air of true love, where everyone breathes true love. Its life throbs with love, everywhere and all the time.

The citizens of that kingdom are all linked together through their common membership in God’s lineage. There, the whole world and all its people are connected in an inseparable relationship, like the cells in our bodies.

True love, the love that is God’s essence, is Heaven’s only governing power. Accordingly, God also exists for true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, you should now devote yourselves to practicing a life of true love. Can you love God more than Adam or Eve did? Can you love God more than Jesus did?

By thoroughly actualizing true love, you should bring your mind and body into perfect harmony.

You should establish relationships of true love with everyone around you. To put it another way, you should perfect a true family consisting of three generations of grandparents, parents, and children living together in true love. If you do this while you are on Earth, you will be eligible to enter Heaven.

(Excerpt from Peace Message 7, a speech Sun Myung MoonHak Ja Han, and other members of their family held in 12 South Korean cities and in major cities worldwide from 31st Aug. 2006.)