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Science in Rev. Moon’s Early Writings

Dr. Andrew Wilson on gravitation / planetary motion

American academic reveals Sun Myung Moon’s focus on science in his early writings from 1952

Part 1 of “Rev. Moon’s Early Writings on Science”, a presentation by Dr. Andrew Wilson, Professor of Scriptural Studies at HJ International Graduate School for Peace and Public Leadership (HJI), New York, USA, given on a special online program 7th May 2024 hosted by HJI and the Higher Purpose Forum (HPF).

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Wolli Wonbon, early writings
Five sections of Wolli Wonbon, in Father Moon‘s own handwriting. Photo: FFWPU

I have been really blessed to be able to work for many years together with my colleague Hee-hun Standard on translating Wolli Wonbon. HJI has a manuscript of Wolli Wonbon, which was written in Rev. Moon’s own handwriting – a Xerox copy of about 700 pages, which we could work from.

It is a substantial document. It has chapters on creation, the Fall, the mission of Jesus, and so on. But 100 pages or more are on topics relating to science, including gravitation, astronomy, electromagnetism, evolution, animal behavior, and human psychology.

Everything in Reverend Moon‘s thought about science is based upon the Principle, and specifically what he in that manuscript called “the Principle of Object Partners”.

Cardboard shack Busan 1951
Where most of Wolli Wonbon was written: The shack in Busan, South Korea that Sun Myung Moon built, lived and taught in 1951-1952, as a pennyless refugee during the Korean War. It was built with rocks, dirt and cardboard boxes in 1951. Photo: FFWPU

Object partners are entities that unite by engaging in give-and-receive action, or give-and-take action. This is different than the meaning of object partner in Exposition of the Divine Principle, which is a position in relationship to a subject partner. Rather “object partners” in Wolli Wonbon are beings that have achieved unity in their relationship. The contrastive term to object partners is “counterparts,” which are entities that are still at a distance.

There are countless object partner relationships throughout the cosmos, from celestial bodies to human beings and even to God.

Reverend Moon‘s interest in science stems from his background. He studied electrical engineering in Japan when he was in high school, at a school connected to Waseda university.

And then while doing his ministry in North Korea, he encountered Marxism-Leninism. He even spent almost three years in a labor camp where they had continual brainwashing lectures on Marxist-Leninist theory, that he had to endure. One of the things that Marxism-Leninism claims is to be “scientific”. He saw that communism’s claim to be a modern scientific truth advantaged it over religions, which are based on texts from ancient times like the Bible. And this was one of communism’s appeals.

Reverend Moon saw the need for a scientific principle centering on God that would overcome Marxist-Leninist theory by rooting religion in science. That is one reason that from the very beginning of his ministry, Reverend Moon was interested in bringing together science and religion.

Among the many topics in the hundred pages or so of Wolli Wonbon that are devoted to science, I’m going to discuss four of them:

  1. Gravitation and planetary motion,
  2. Electrical induction in the activity of God in creation,
  3. Diversity in nature as seen in the colors of light, and
  4. The Principle in psychology.

Continued in part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

Featured image above: Dr. Andrew Wilson. Photo: HJI

“Science in Rev. Moon’s Early Writings” – text: Dr. Andrew Wilson

World Scripture
World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts (published 1991)

Dr. Andrew Wilson‘s scholarly books and papers cover diverse topics ranging from religion and peace to character education to a theory of the spirit world. His efforts on behalf of inter-religious harmony led Father Moon to commission him to write World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts (published 1991), which has become a standard work of interfaith scholarship and a resource for interfaith worship. He also wrote a second volume of World Scripture (World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon, published 2007) that includes a broad selection of Rev. Sun Myung Moon‘s words, adopted as one of the eight official textbooks of Unificationism.

Dr. Wilson joined the faculty of HJI in 1985. He is professor of Scriptural Studies and Director of Scriptural Research. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University (majoring in biochemistry), a master’s in theology from Harvard Divinity School, and a PhD from Harvard University.

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