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After receiving the mission from Jesus a personal preparation period of many years was needed

Sun Myung Moon during preparation period
Sun Myung Moon in his late teens after being called by Jesus. Photo: FFWPU

After his encounter with Jesus in 1935, Sun Myung Moon embarked on a quest that took many years to arrive at a fundamental understanding of God, human life, and the profound significance of historical events. During those years the young Korean went through a painstaking preparation process, where he was guided by Jesus and God both internally and externally. He began to intensely search for the deepest truth. God could not serve the truth on a silver platter. Therefore, Sun Myung Moon had to fight an enormous battle against the forces of evil in the spirit world.

Reverend Moon did not study theology or philosophy in school or with any teacher. God chose him to express His Will. Yet, revelation from God does not rush down easily, like water over a waterfall, nor is it given all at once. There are certain stages in its unfolding, and a proper response by man is essential for that unfolding to proceed.” (Outline of the Principle – Level 4, Introduction, p.1)

And Sun Myung Moon did his part.

How difficult those ten years were, is beyond human comprehension. He emerged victorious from this struggle. Day after day, he met with Jesus and other saints. On the external plane, Sun Myung Moon continued his education and eventually graduated as electrical engineer in Tokyo from a technical college affiliated with the renowned Waseda University.

Exposition of the Divine Principle“For several decades he wandered through the spirit world so vast as to be beyond imagining. He trod a bloody path of suffering in search of the truth, passing through tribulations that God alone remembers. Since he understood that no one can find the ultimate truth to save humanity without first passing through the bitterest of trials, he fought alone against millions of devils, both in the spiritual and physical worlds, and triumphed over them all. Through intimate spiritual communion with God and by meeting with Jesus and many saints in Paradise, he brought to light all the secrets of Heaven.” (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Introduction, p.12)

It was while studying in Tokyo that he managed to get to the bottom of the issues surrounding what we call the Fall. Since Jesus first revealed himself to him in 1935, he had struggled to understand the true meaning of the events described in Genesis. For example, he had to find out who Satan was and what really happened in the Garden of Eden. After a long and intense spiritual battle, where he was truly attacked by the forces of darkness, he understood the hidden meaning of the symbols in the story of the Fall. The most difficult question was why God had not prevented evil from entering the world.

In deep prayer, Sun Myung Moon told God what he had discovered. Moon was put to the test to prove that he could truly stand for what he now understood. In the end, God told him that everything was true.

Japanese crucifying Korean Christians
Japanese crucifying Korean Christians “guilty” of wanting the freedom of their country from Japan’s iron grip, 1st Jan. 1919. Photo: Korean Information Bureau / Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image. Cropped

The situation at that time in the Far East was terribly difficult. It seemed as if the forces of darkness were doing everything they could to stop the man God had blessed with such deep insights and who had been called to complete what Jesus had begun 2,000 years ago.

After the Japanese invaded China in 1937, they began an aggressive policy in Korea to Japanize the country and eradicate Korean culture. This intensified after Japan attacked the USA in December 1941.

The Japanese thus banned all gatherings with Korean culture. Korean-language newspapers and publications were shut down. It was forbidden to teach in Korean in schools. Koreans were forced to learn Japanese and had to take Japanese names. Several hundred thousand Korean men were forced into slave labor in Japan and elsewhere. 200,000 teenage girls and young women were forced to become sex slaves for Japanese soldiers.

In Japan, a state of emergency was introduced as the war progressed. The college Sun Myung Moon attended in Tokyo was also affected and had to reduce the length of the courses. Moon graduated in September 1943 and then returned to Korea. He settled in the Heukseok district of Seoul towards the end of the year and began working for the Kashima group, a Japanese electrical engineering company.

Sun Myung Moon tortured
An illustration of how Sun Myung Moon was tortured by the Japanese police in Korea in 1944 and 1945. Illustration: FFWPU

In October 1944, he was arrested by the infamous, brutal Japanese police for so-called “anti-colonial activities” he had been involved in while studying in Tokyo. He had played a central role in the youth division of the Korean liberation movement. To make him talk, he was tortured in a cruel manner. However, he never revealed anything and was therefore held captive for months until he was finally released in February 1945.

When Japan surrendered in August 1945, many wanted to take revenge on the Japanese. But Sun Myung Moon forgave those who had tortured him and prayed for them. He even helped a Japanese person escape the wrath of the Korean people and get safely back to Japan.

Japanese withdrawal
Withdrawal of Japanese troops from Korea in August 1945. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Public domain image

Finally, Korea was liberated from the hellish forces of evil that had plagued the country. That made it possible for the man called by God for an enormous task to embark on his real mission. His personal preparation period was over.

“Father Moon’s Preparation Period” – text written by Knut Holdhus based on historical materials.

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