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Teachings Make Great Strides in New Version

True Parents' Status and Value

New version of teachings with key concepts expanded being prepared in South Korea 

In what is considered a major development in presenting Father and Mother Moon’s comprehensive teachings to the world, the Family Federation International HQ has held several in-depth seminars on key concepts of Unificationism. A 2-week seminar in Gapyeong, northeast of the capital Seoul, that ended on 2nd March, carried the title True Parents’ Status and Value from the Viewpoint of Heaven’s Providence. It is expected that a book with the same title will be published in the near future.

News and Insights was invited to a preview of the content being prepared.

Mother Moon
Mother Moon speaking. Photo: FFWPU

A key concept that Mother Moon has emphasized repeatedly in her speeches over the last years, is the motherly heart of God. In order to understand the essence of God, and in fact, in order to create peace in the world, Mother Moon points out that we first need a more complete understanding of God. Traditionally, God has been understood as a Fatherly God, as seen in the opening words of the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father, Who art in heaven”.

It is essential to know that God also has motherly aspects, and that he/she is not just our Father, but also our Mother in heaven. In Mother Moon’s memoirs “Mother of Peace”, she says, “I talk about Heavenly Mother, hidden behind Heavenly Father.” (Preface, page xv) She elaborates that the motherly aspect of God has come in the shadows of the male God that has dominated the view of the divine in the religious world.

That is the very reason Mother Moon stresses the concept “Heavenly Parent”. But she doesn’t stop there.

Taek-yong Oh on teachings
Professor Taek-yong Oh. Photo: Screenshot from video published by PeaceTV.

Taek-yong Oh, professor of theology at Sun Moon University in Asan, south of Seoul, was the main lecturer at the above-mentioned 14-days seminar in South Korea. In the fifth of seven presentations, he pointed out that Father and Mother Moon’s more complete view of God also extends to their concept of the Messiah.

Dr. Oh explained that since the time of Jesus, the concept of Messiah has been used to mean Jesus. Paul refers to Jesus as a second Adam, thus giving a clue to understanding God’s original concept of humanity’s salvation. God created human beings as man and woman. If God sent a new “Adam”, there had to be a new “Eve” as well. If Jesus was the “Only Begotten Son”, there should have also been an “Only Begotten Daughter”. Indeed, that was God’s plan 2,000 years ago, but the circumstances did not allow that plan to be realized.

In the same presentation, professor Oh emphasized that since the time of the crucifixion of Jesus, God has worked continuously to prepare not only for the second coming of Jesus, but also for the birth of a new “Eve”, the Only Begotten Daughter. Through the Holy Marriage of these two persons, “True Parents” are established – the original ideal that the man and the woman God created at the very beginning of human history, were meant to realize.

The Holy Wedding of this one man and one woman becomes the prototype and model for marriage as in the original world God intended to manifest.

The Korean academic asked,

“So how is the Second Coming of Jesus accomplished? By the time he reached maturity, Jesus had perfected the position of the Only Begotten Son. So, in God’s providence, God does not carry out the providence of the Second Coming by giving birth to another Only Begotten Son.

The providence of the Second Coming of Jesus proceeds as the providence in which a person called by God inherits Jesus’ Messianic mission, inherits his foundation, and appears as the Messiah at the Second Coming to fulfill the Messianic mission […].”

Divine Principle
Exposition of the Divine Principle, published 1996.

As God’s work has progressed a lot since the official version of the Unification Principles was published in 1966 (English version in 1973, revised in 1996), the time is ripe for it to be complemented and developed further by new insights. As Dr. Oh explains,

“The current Exposition of the Divine Principle only deals with the providence before True Parents [1960]. In addition, because it is organized centering on the Only Begotten Son, Jesus, and the Messiah at the Second Coming, the truth and the providence about the Only Begotten Daughter are not yet revealed.” (Presentation 5)

In the 7th presentation, Dr. Oh addressed the issue of our Heavenly Parent as the First Cause and Parent (Father and Mother) of humanity. In the mutual true love relationship that God longs to see develop between himself/herself and human beings, there must first be two concrete persons – True Parents – with the maturity of heart that can profoundly sense God’s deep parental heart.

As a single person, you can’t have that perfect relationship of heart with the Heavenly Parent. The Korean professor emphasized,

“That is why the ideal of True Parents was already in God’s mind before creation. The ideal of True Parents was already in God’s heart before creation.”

Featured image above: A pre-publication version of “True Parents’ Status and Value from the Viewpoint of Heaven’s Providence”. Photo: Screenshot from video published by FFWPU.

“Teachings Make Great Strides in New Version” – text: Knut Holdhus

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