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The 3 Blessings and the Process to Fulfil Them

3 blessings

The process to realize the 3 blessings and God’s ideal

Dr. Michael Balcomb
Dr. Michael Balcomb. Photo: FFWPU

Part 2 of a lecture given by Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of the Family Federation for Europe and the Middle East, given at an international prayer meeting by Zoom on 1st May 2024.

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Jin-choon Kim
Dr. Jin-choon Kim. Photo: Segye Ilbo

I’m now going to briefly cover some of the highlights of Dr. Jin-choon Kim’s (김진춘) lecture, which he entitled Heavenly Parent’s Ideal and True Parents’ Lives”.

What are the main points of this lecture, which is actually a very complex one with enormously complicated slides? It’s really very simple.

Circled number 1 God has had a dream since the Garden of Eden. It’s based on the fulfillment of the three blessings.

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and over the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” (Genesis 1;28)

That was the first commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve in the garden.

The fulfillment of the three blessings and that ideal takes time. And finally, that Father and Mother Moon together, and only together, can fulfill the ideal.

Circled number 2 The life course of the True Parents can really be understood through three stages until now. And there’s one more to come.

There’s the early life of both Father and Mother Moon separately before the Holy Blessing.

Father and Mother Moon in 1960s
Father and Mother Moon in Gapyeong, South Korea in the late 1960s. Photo: FFWPU

Then there’s their victorious life together on earth after the Holy Blessing – a period of 52 years, which as we know, Mother Moon recently described in many ways as a wilderness course. Why?

Because even throughout that time, there was so little support from Christianity, from the nation of South Korea, and – let’s be honest –sometimes insufficient support and understanding from us members.

Then the third stage, which Mother Moon calls life belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven (“Cheonil-guk” in Korean), which really began with Foundation Day in 2013, with Father Moon ascended in heaven and Mother Moon still on earth.

And then in the future, there will be that time when both Father and Mother Moon are ascended in heaven. But of course, we’re not there yet, and so more understanding may come later.

And finally, Dr. Jin-choon Kim closes with a focus on,

“So what? What should our responsibility be? What should our focus be in this time, to keep going?”

And I am particularly going to share about the type of person Heaven needs us to be. Heavenly Parent’s dream back in the beginning, and forever will be the fulfillment of the three great blessings – we know it well – which will lead to, in due course, ideal couple, ideal children and family, and an ideal world.

This is the fundamental truth underlying everything else that we study in the Divine Principle.

3 blessings process
Illustration from Dr. Balcomb’s presentation 1st May 2024. Screenshot

But usually, at least for myself, I’ve always thought of the three blessings as some kind of series. You do the first one and then the second one, and then the third one.

3 blessings
Illustration of the 3 blessings (not from Dr. Balcomb’s presentation). Illustration: FFWPU

The first blessing is to become an ideal individual, the second blessing to reach family perfection and create an ideal family – which, of course Mother Moon did – that is to spread throughout the world.

And then finally to have perfection and dominion over all things, both the things of creation, but also creating a society that is comfortable and secure.

But, you know, it doesn’t really happen that way. I think any spouse who’s honest will admit,

“I’m not a perfect spouse. I’m still working on it, even though I now have a family.”

I think a truer look is that these things are continuous and interlinked. And in the beginning, maybe when we receive the marriage blessing, the overlap between our own state of spiritual growth and the reality of our family life is quite small. And as for the third blessing, well, I know a lot of young couples who are really struggling to make ends meet.

3 blessings overlapping
Illustration from Dr. Balcomb’s presentation 1st May 2024. Screenshot

But over time, these areas coalesce until that central area of overlap becomes very large.

So it takes time to fulfill the blessings – for the True Parents as well. It isn’t something that happens one, two, three. It’s a constant process. And this is what Dr. Kim wanted to emphasize.

When we think about the course of Father Moon, […] it involves a period of growth. Father and Mother Moon weren’t born perfect. They weren’t born with all knowledge, like the Buddha was supposed to have been, so that at birth he was already teaching. No, Mother Moon constantly emphasizes the need for growth.

And then came the day of the Holy Wedding, the anniversary of which we just celebrated, followed by the holy works of True Parents over 52 years and beyond.

So it’s important, then again, to recognize that – even when analyzing the lives of the True Parents – or our own lives, we’re gentle on ourselves and realize that it’s okay as long as we are moving forward.

Continued in part 3.

See part 1, part 3

Featured image above: Illustration of the 3 blessings. Illustration: FFWPU

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