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Wolli Wonbon on Gravitation / Planetary Motion

Solar system

Sun Myung Moon’s handwritten document from 1952 looks at gravitation / planetary motion

Dr. Andrew Wilson on gravitation / planetary motion
Dr. Andrew Wilson. Photo: HJI

Part 2 of “Rev. Moon’s Early Writings on Science”, a presentation by Dr. Andrew Wilson, Professor of Scriptural Studies at HJ International Graduate School for Peace and Public Leadership (HJI), New York, USA, given on a special online program 7th May 2024 hosted by HJI and the Higher Purpose Forum (HPF).

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From the viewpoint of the Principle, all forces arise from give and receive action to fulfill a purpose. Since gravity is a force, it must exist for a purpose. And the purpose for which gravity exists is so that celestial bodies – the sun, the moon, the stars, and so on – can exist and fulfill their purpose of existence.

Gravity is what causes these entities to become “object partners” to one another and revolve around each other in orbits. Thereby they engage in give and receive action and fulfill the principle in their orbital motion.

So, the viewpoint of the Principle is not looking at gravity as a force in isolation, but is looking at gravity from the point of view of purpose, that gravity exists in order to form the celestial world.

Gravitational force between Sun and Earth
The gravitational force between the Sun and the Earth. Illustration: Solar System Vectors by Vecteezy

Thus, in our solar system, we have object partners in motion. The earth’s object partner is the Sun. The Sun’s partners are all the planets, the asteroids and comets. All these object partners have been moving in balance continually for millions of years. And since they are in balance, they can continue their motion without failing. The universe is full of celestial bodies and object partner relationships, all of them connected by the force of gravity.

This presents a problem. How can there be balance if gravity is only an attractive force? If there was only gravity, understood to be a force of attraction, all the planets would collapse into the Sun. There has to be a repelling force equal to this attracting force, so that repulsion and attraction, or giving and receiving, can be in balance.

Centrifugal force
Centrifugal force. Illustration: FFWPU

As a matter of fact, there is such a repelling force. It’s called centrifugal force. And in fact, centrifugal force is generated by gravity, because as an object is moving in a straight line in a certain velocity, when it encounters the gravitational field of an object like the Sun, it starts to move in a circle. And when it does, there is a centrifugal force that is generated. That repelling force of the centrifugal force that is generated by the Sun’s gravity interacting with that object in motion curves its motion into a circular orbit. Once in orbit, the centrifugal force exactly balances gravity’s attractive force.

Sun and earth forces
Gravitational and centrifugal force. Illustration: FFWPU

Science generally regards the cause of centrifugal force as the object’s velocity or momentum, but it wouldn’t have arisen without encountering the force of gravity, in this example from the Sun. Thus, there is a sense in which gravity is the cause of the centrifugal force.

So we can say that gravitation, taken as a whole, operates with both giving and receiving forces in order to bring about balanced orbits of objects like the Earth revolving around the Sun, objects that are in an object partner relationship. Gravity and the centrifugal force that it causes set up a circuit of giving and receiving so that the Earth stays in its orbit around the Sun.

These forces of giving and receiving together are what Wolli Wonbon calls “universal prime force”. Now, this is different from the term “universal prime force” in the Exposition on the Divine Principle, which is indicated to be a force from God. Here universal prime force is the force of giving and receiving that creates balance and harmony in all things. And all celestial bodies exist by the operation of universal prime force.

Newton’s law of gravity only looks at half of the system, namely the receiving or attracting force. But gravity, according to the Principle, should be seen within a system of giving and receiving. From the standpoint of purpose, gravitation contains both gravity and centrifugal force, which act together to constitute the solar system.

Newton’s second law of motion displayed on monument at Lanzarote Aeronautical Museum on the Canary Islands, Spain. Photo: Mike Peel / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC ASA 4.0 Int. Cropped

Science, however, traditionally based on Newton, analyzes forces separately with formulas like F=ma [Newton’s second law of motion: net force is equal to mass times acceleration]. But it should begin by looking at the whole system in balance. That’s Reverend Moon‘s point here.

If instead of looking at reality in terms of forces interacting with each other, we should look at reality in terms of a balance of giving and receiving. This can be the basis for a new world civilization, because giving and receiving is the principle by which individuals, families and societies can establish a peaceful, unified world.

In the world of giving and receiving centered on God, people will share material goods, not accumulate, not just receiving, like the force of gravity does. They will live in peace and harmony by giving and receiving. It’s also opposite the world of Marxist theory of forces, which sees forces as an opposition fighting and colliding with each other. This is the scientific basis, Reverend Moon believes, for a world of giving and receiving. He views such harmony as rooted in the very fabric of nature.

Yet in today’s world, people only focus on what they can take, not what they can give. They are acting more like Newton’s gravity. They make war, oppress each other to get what they want.

But when science recognizes the principle of giving and receiving in all things, people can establish a peaceful world. And then once that happens, people won’t need religion anymore. They will simply be able to align themselves with science, and everything will go well.

Continued in part 3.

See part 1, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

Featured image above: Planets of the Solar system. Illustration: Solar System Vectors by Vecteezy

“Wolli Wonbon on Gravitation / Planetary Motion” – text: Dr. Andrew Wilson

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