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World Really Needs to Know God’s Motherly Aspect

Yong-cheon Song

International President in speech to European members points out the great need in today’s world to get to know God’s motherly aspect

1st part of a message by Dr. Yong-cheon Song, the International President of the Family Federation, at a large meeting in Munich, Germany 18th May 2024. Slightly edited version.

See part 2, part 3

I am here to deliver some key message. […] Let me begin by reading Mother Moon‘s words, given at a special convention of young people from a heavenly Europe and Middle East, hosted by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on 1st September last year.

Mother Moon May 19, 2024
Mother Moon speaking in Munich, Germany 19th May 2024. See her speech. Photo: Screenshot from HJ Global News 25th May 2024 / Family Federation

“I have so much wanted to see you.

What is the most precious word in human history, loved and appreciated by men and women, young and old alike? “True Parents” is a term that has appeared in providential history. Yet more generally, it would be “mother” or “mom”. Throughout our history, the most precious being, the Mother, has been hidden, out of sight. […]

According to the principles of creation, God created man and woman in the divine image. […]

There can be no failure for our omnipotent Creator. Once He starts something, He must see it to fruition. That is why, in order to establish people with the original standard, Heaven had no choice but to begin the work of the providence of salvation, restoration through indemnity.”

Let me read one more passage. Mother Moon gave these words in Las Vegas on 8th October 2023:

Mother Moon on motherly aspect of God
Mother Moon speaking in Las Vegas 8th Oct. 2023. Photo: FFWPU

“Our Heavenly Parent’s starting point and ending point are one and the same. God is all-knowing and almighty. For these reasons, God embarked on the arduous and difficult historical journey to find the True Parents who, upholding God‘s principles of creation, could become the ‘Ancestors of humankind’. God selected the nation of Israel as the chosen people, and the history of the providence of salvation was set in motion.

The providential history of salvation was first to restore the lineage lost through the Fall. And after 4,000 years, Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son whom God could call ‘My son’, was born. […]

What you need to know here is that God created humankind in the divine image, male and female. Though God found Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son, the Only Begotten Daughter could not appear.

For the completion of the providence, the Only Begotten Daughter must appear. But the Only Begotten Daughter could not be born through the people of Israel, who had been unable to fulfill their responsibility. […]

So, in search of a new people, a chosen people, Heaven brought the Only Begotten Daughter to be born on the Korean peninsula in 1943.”

Today, I would like to share a talk with you centered on Mother Moon‘s words with the title “Heavenly Parent’s starting and ending point are the same.”

It was shortly after I was assigned as international president of the Family Federation. It was dawn on a summer day, when the heat was at its peak. Mother Moon called me. On that day, she was looking out the window, greeting the dawn in Gapyeong. In a firm, yet gentle voice, Mother Moon said the following,

“I feel the urgency of every hour. Christianity must awaken from its slumber. It is time for Christianity to make a new beginning, study the Words appropriate for the era of the Heavenly Kingdom (‘Cheonilguk sidae’ in Korean), and teach them to all of humankind. And it is time for blessed families around the world to study the essence of our Heavenly Parent, that has not been revealed in history, the essence of the True Parents that has not been known until now, and the truth of the 2,000 years of Christian providential history.”

I was surprised by these words and at the same time quite fearful, but gathering courage, I worked with professors from both Sun Moon University and Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology. We focused on developing teaching materials that could convey the “essence of the True Parents”. After six months of sleepless nights and sacrificing weekends, the professors finally completed the teaching materials.

True Parents' Status and Value
A pre-publication version of “True Parents’ Status and Value from the Viewpoint of Heaven’s Providence”. Photo: Screenshot from video published by FFWPU.

I cannot tell you how happy Mother Moon was when she received their report. Right then and there, she blessed it with the title The Status and Value of True Parents from the Viewpoint of Heaven’s Providence. She also gave us an important instruction, “Quickly make it into a textbook and teach it.”

I know well that all blessed members around the world completed their training in the content of this textbook during the second 40-day period of special devotion last April. […]

While carrying out the mission Heaven had assigned me, I experienced some precious time of grace when I came to know and deeply realize a deep heart of Mother Moon, that I had not known before. I would like to tell you that this realization is still very much alive in my heart and I like to share it with you.

So this precious occasion is not just a time for you to enjoy. I hope it will be a time for you to contemplate your responsibility and mission as heavenly Europe and Middle East members who live in the era of the Heavenly Kingdom (‘Cheonilguk sidae’ in Korean). I sincerely hope that this will be a day when your soul awakens, your  breath revives, and your life is resurrected by the new understanding that Mother Moon has given us. And I hope that we can convey Heaven’s blessings to the world.

Firstly, we must know the essence of the Heavenly Parent, which has been hidden throughout history. Until now, we have known God only as God the Father. However, God exists not only as our Father, but also as our Mother.

What do you get when you combine God the Father and God the Mother? You get a Parent. God is our Heavenly Parent. This is the original essence of God.

But until now, we have addressed God without knowing God the Mother. Mother Moon has taught us this these days.

Mother of Peace
Front cover page of Mother Moon‘s memoirs published 2020.

Yet even though we had ears, we did not hear. Even though we had eyes, we did not see how frustrated Mother Moon must have felt when she expressed the following in her memoirs,

God‘s wish was to become the True Parent of humankind and realize the ideal of one family of humankind under God, to become not only God the Father, but also God the Mother, in other words, the Heavenly Parent, turning individuals, tribes, peoples, nations, and the world into heavenly individuals, heavenly tribes, heavenly peoples, heavenly nations, and a heavenly world with God as their Parent.

However, with the Fall of our first ancestors, the realization of the ideal of our Heavenly Parent’s creation was delayed. A male-centered history developed, centered not on God’s status as Heavenly Parent, but on the status as Heavenly Father, the masculine aspect of God. The status as Heavenly Mother, God‘s feminine aspect, was hidden, and God could not become our Heavenly Parent.”

This is how earnest Mother Moon is. Now, more than ever, the time for God‘s providence has come. During the past ten years, Mother Moon has been traveling the world, investing everything she has into revealing the truth and essence of Heaven’s providence.

She has been working to reveal the position of the Heavenly Mother, which has been hidden until now. Even while suffering from swollen lips and swollen legs, even when she could barely stand, Mother Moon could not rest.

I believe that we, the members of a heavenly Europe and Middle East, should know this as her “children”.

Take a look at the world today. Society is filled with so many cruel realities, it is unsettling to watch the news. It has become a terrible world, characterized by violence, war, and inequality. For personal gain, people slander, criticize and tear down others.

Yong-cheon Song on motherly aspect of God
Dr. Yong-cheon Song on stage in Munich 18th May 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by FFWPU.

The world is gradually becoming a more miserable place over time. A world of freedom, peace, and happiness that embodies our Heavenly Parent’s hope and desires is becoming increasingly distant.

Why has the world become so full of sorrow and pain? Why is the world becoming a place of suffering and despair, far from the ideal of creation?

Mother Moon has already provided us with the answer. She has explained that this is because the status and essence of the Heavenly Mother has not been revealed.

She explains it in terms of fights between siblings who have lost their True Parents.

Mother Moon also said that this situation came about because the existence of the Heavenly Mother has been buried. When we come to know the existence of the Heavenly Mother, everything will be resolved.

I would like to say that these words are the truth about Heaven’s providence. We have been living in complete ignorance of the essence of our Heavenly Mother until now. It is the time for us to know the truth of Heaven’s providence, become enlightened, and change the paradigm of our thinking.

Continued in part 2, part 3.

Featured image above: Dr. Yong-cheon Song speaking in Munich, Germany 18th May 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by FFWPU

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