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The Marriage Blessing

marriage blessingTwo points are not enough to make something balance. In the same way, husband and wife are not enough either! A third point is necessary to create a balanced and lasting relationship. A married couple needs a common spiritual center. The ultimate center of a love relationship is the very source of true love, God!

Photo: Gift Habeshaw / Unsplash

Many base their marriage on completely different things, things that cannot possibly last in the long run, e.g. infatuation, physical attraction, social position or money. For the relationship to last, the center of the relationship cannot be something material. It is actually only God and his true love that can be the spiritual “rock foundation” on which we can confidently build a lasting relationship.

The problem is that it has always been impossible for God to have a central role in marriage. Because evil and sin entered the world and dominated the human race, God could not possibly be present here on earth, as He originally wanted when He created His children.

This is precisely why the Marriage Blessing is so important! Through the Marriage Blessing, God can become the center of your marriage!

marriage blessingSun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han have already blessed millions of couples in marriage all over the world. Often this blessing is given during large wedding ceremonies, where previously married couples also may participate in order to have their marriage blessed. For those who are already married, the blessing therefore represents something more than a renewal of the marriage vow.

How then can God get a central role in your marriage?

Here we must understand that the blessing does not mean that God automatically becomes the center of your relationship with your spouse.

The Marriage Blessing is the door to a new world, but you have to go through it yourself. In order for you to share in the new world that is about to come into being, you must establish your own foundation and develop it so that God can truly bless you and your partner with His true love.

Never forget that you yourself are not enough! You need a love partner to share eternity with. Without it, everything becomes meaningless in the end. A marriage blessed by God is the very gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven, the ideal world we all long for deep inside, is a world full of love. God has always longed to live among us here on earth. That is what he wanted when he created the first human beings. However, no one has ever experienced anything like that. It has only become possible now in our age.

A new millennium has begun! We have the opportunity to create a new and better future for humanity. But such a future depends entirely on a renewal of the family.

A global renewal of the family is necessary if we are to have hope for peace in the world. Nevertheless, such a renewal is something that neither governments nor religious communities can achieve.

That is why God has called Father and Mother Moon to arrange large ceremonies so that as many as possible may receive the Marriage Blessing. Since 1960, they have faithfully carried out this task.

The ceremonies, which are open to people of all races, nationalities and religions, have only grown in scope. When thousands, even millions, of men and women begin to do their best to realize God’s ideal of love in their marriage and family, this will eventually change the world.

During the wedding ceremony, each married couple promises that:

  • Your family (the cornerstone of society) becomes a place where God‘s true love is found.
  • Your children will be raised to live according to God‘s will.
  • Your children will be raised to form pure relationships and not have sexual relations before marriage.
  • Your family will be a support and inspiration for other families, regardless of skin colour, religion and nationality.

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