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Lawyer Exposes Dirty Leftwing Plot

Tatsu Nakayama

Attorney gives detailed insights about ugly leftwing plot against the Family Federation in Japan

Why the Family Federation in Japan Should Not Be Dissolved

A special pre-recorded message presented 31st January at the International Religious Freedom Summit 2024 in Washington DC, by Japanese lawyer Tatsuki Nakayama (aka. Tatsu Nakayama). He delivered his presentation during a conference luncheon sponsored by The Washington Times Foundation and the Universal Peace Federation on the last day of the summit. Slightly edited.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Tatsu Nakayama, a Japanese lawyer. I’m highly honoured to be given this precious opportunity to speak at the IRF Summit.

I have been representing Family Federation – although I am not a believer – since the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe. With my experience, I learnt a lot, and today I’m going to share with you in three points why the Family Federation in Japan should not be dissolved.

  1. It’s a political fight, which is going on beneath the legal issues pending in Japan,
  2. Deprogramming, which is also hidden underneath.
  3. I will conclude that there is no requirement for dissolution of the Family Federation.

Illustrating leftwing plotPoint number one: A political and ideological fight has been going on in Japan from way back in 1978 when Japan Communist Party declared war on anti-communist Unification Church. Evidence of this: A couple of months after the Abe assassination, a famous journalist [Soichiro Tahara] commented that

“This conflict should be a final war against the Unification Church.”

Then, in response to this, Communist Party Chairperson Kazuo Shii admitted that final war and added that,

“This time we will do whatever it takes until we get it done.”

With such strong words, leftwing parties have aggressively fought against the Family Federation. Along with this political movement in Japan, leftwing lawyers [National Network of Lawyers Against Spiritual Sales – NNLASS] have been very aggressive and had a lot of influence on the mass media and also the Japanese government.

Those lawyers are anti-religious. Many are communists and started a dissolution campaign in 1987 in order to dissolve the Japanese Family Federation, true to Shii’s words “We will do whatever!” They worked with notorious deprogrammers who deprogrammed – you may not believe it – as many as 4,300 poor Family Federation believers and broke the faith of many.

anti-religious lawyersThe top two gentlemen of these leftwing lawyers are Hiroshi Yamaguchi (to the left) and Masaki Kito, the current leader (to the right). They are lawyers, but they could be called political figures or political activists because they even knew that at the time of the commencement of this political fight there were no victims.

That means that even though there were no legal victims, they continued to argue in order to create “victims”. They made many lawsuits representing apostates for the refund of donations made when they were believers.

Despite such a political campaign, as a lawyer, legally speaking, I do not think there is a requirement for dissolution because in Japan the legal requirement for dissolution of a religious corporation is very high.

Article 81Article 81 of the Religious Corprations Act (RCA) says that a religious corporation can only be dissolved only if it commits an act which is clearly found to harm public welfare extremely – which is a very high criterion – in violation of laws and regulations.

This has been debated so much after the Abe assassination because according to case law [common law – law based on precedents] in Japan, “laws” here have been limited to criminal laws only. That means that in order to dissolve a religious cooperation, a criminal law must be broken.

On the other hand, in the present case of the Family Federation, since its foundation about 60 years ago, no criminal law has been broken. That means there is no legal reason to dissolve the Family Federation.

Kishida's change overnightIndeed, our Prime Minister Kishida admitted that case law and said in the Diet on 18th October 2022 that only criminal laws should be included. That means that at that time the government did not intend to file a dissolution suit against the Family Federation.

However, very surprisingly and very strangely enough, he did a 180 degree turn. He changed his mind completely overnight and said the next day that civil laws can be included. That means that civil lawsuits filed against the Family Federation – and they lost some – could be another reason for dissolution of the Family Federation.  That became the starting point to proceed toward a dissolution suit of the Federation.

Forced puppet lawsuitsHowever, legally speaking, in many of such lawsuits against the Family Federation, we see “puppet” connections. We can call it “forced ‘puppet’ lawsuits”. What happened is like this: Deprogrammers in consultation with leftwing lawyers deprogrammed as many as more than 4,000 believers and forced those poor believers to file a lawsuit against the Family Federation for donation refunds. The lawyers said something like this, “Unless you file a lawsuit, we continue to take you as mind-controlled by the Family Federation. So do file an action against the Family Federation. Otherwise, we will continue to confine you and imprison you for deprogramming.”

In order to make money for legal fees, the leftwing lawyers continued this cycle as an “ecosystem”. We can find this “ecosystem”in the graph here.

Forced puppet lawsuitsThe left line here is the number of 4,000 deprogrammings. It came to a peak after the Communist Party’s declaration of war against the Unification Church and the leftwing lawyers’ political campaign.

What follows is the blue line here – the number of lawsuits filed against the Family Federation. From this visible intimate correlation between the red and the blue lines, you can note many of the lawsuits against the Family Federation are “forced ‘puppet’ lawsuits” using deprogramming.

This correlation came to an end in 2015 when Toru Goto, the skinny gentleman here, who suffered a very long confinement of more than 12 years, and who filed a lawsuit against the deprogrammer and won a victory in the Supreme Court of Japan.

Indeed, very unfortunately, such “forced ‘puppet’ lawsuits” caused the dissolution suit now pending in Japan.

Historically speaking, deprogramming lasted 50 years in Japan. Some of the victims of deprogramming were used for “forced ‘puppet’ lawsuits”. That could be said to be one of the main reasons for the dissolution suit pending in Japan.

Lawsuits and dissolutionAfter a careful legal analysis, we found that more than half, 55,4 percent of the plaintiffs were poor deprogramming victims. With this in mind, I don’t believe that the Family Federation should be dissolved.

What is going on now in Japan is a dissolution suit against the Family Federation. The main reason is the many lawsuits filed against Family Federation initiated by leftwing lawyers.

Deprogramming lies underneathBut what lies underneath, is another framework (B) which consists of 4,000 inhumane deprogramming cases.

Indeed, Japan has rejected dissolution so many times. Demanding leftwing lawyers have requested many times that the government dissolve the Family Federation.

Japan rejected dissolution30 years ago, the government rejected it twice, and recently Tokyo District Court also rejected to dissolve the Family Federation. Meanwhile, the Family Federation issued a declaration of compliance intended to improve their internal operations. And it actually worked.

Evidencing this, during the last seven seven years, no single lawsuit has been filed against the Family Federation.

No requirements for dissolutionWith this, I hope you will be convinced that there is no requirement for dissolution. The Family Federation in Japan has not committed any crimes during its 60 years.

There have been some civil lawsuits for refunds of donations, but half of the plaintiffs had been deprogrammed. Also, the Family Federation has improved its compliance during the last 15 years.

Most of what I shared is written in my booklet published last year in Japan and English translation of which you can find on Bitter Winter.

Lastly, I strongly hope that with this kind attention and support from you distinguished guests and honourable minds at this IRF Summit, religious freedom in Japan should be protected at any cost.

Thank you very much.

Featured image above: Tatsu Nakayama delivering his message at International Religious Freedom Summit 2024 in Washington DC, USA 31st January. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission.

All illustrations by Nakayama & Partners.

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