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Extensive Media Coverage for Large Wedding

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Large wedding receives large media coverage as news channels eye solution to collapsing birth rates

Kwang-seok Song on media coverage
Rev. Kwang-seok Song 26th April 2024. Photo: Screenshot from live transmission by FFWPU

At a meeting with leaders and members of the Family Federation in Gapyeong, northeast of Seoul, 26th April 2024, Rev. Kwang-seok Song, the president of the South Korean branch, gave an overview of the media coverage of the large mass wedding held two days earlier as part of a series of event to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Holy Wedding of the founders – Father and Mother Moon – held in 1960.

From SBS News
SBS News reporting on large wedding 24th Apr. 2024. Screenshot from live transmission by FFWPU
From KBS News
KBS News reporting on large wedding 24th Apr. 2024. Screenshot

The wedding of 2100 couples was featured in the news broadcasts of big TV networks like KBS and SBS. Also, YTN, the biggest news wire service in Korea, reported on it together with the major cable networks Channel A, TV Chosun and MBN.

Rev. Song pointed out a special point made by some of the news presenters. The young lady reading the news on YTN said,

As our country’s birth rate is only 0.7, we are suffering from a decrease in our population. But this big wedding ceremony emphasizing the importance of the family is a very excellent activity for our people.”

News on MBNNews on TV ChosunNews on Channel AIn fact, one of the participating couples was interviewed by MBN and said in front of the cameras that they would like to have three children. That certainly is way above the extremely low national birth rate.

KBS News reported that the many couples gathered in Gapyeong included several members of the clergy from the USA renewing their marriage.

One week earlier, Rev. Song had reported on a large campaign with full page ads in many South Korean newspapers promoting Mother Moon as “Mother of Peace”, which also happens to be the title of her memoirs. In addition, several TV channels run 15 or 30 second ads featuring the memoirs, which was published in 2020.

South Korean TV ad
From South Korean TV ad 26th Apr. 2024 featuring Mother Moon’s memoirs. Photo: FFWPU

According to Song, the Family Federation is through this ad campaign

“trying to give people a glimpse of what kind of person Mother Moon is, and what kind of work she does. And the advertisements also contain her voice. She speaks, giving all the people of South Korea the chance to hear her and connect to her in a new way.”

Major weekly and monthly magazines
Some major South Korean weekly and monthly magazines with ad featuring Mother Moon. Screenshot

In his speech, the head of the Family Federation in South Korea reported that the full page ads will also be published in many weekly and monthly magazines as well as women’s magazines the next couple of weeks.

The magazines include major national publications like Monthly Chosun – published by the largest daily Chosun Ilbo – and Shin Dong-a Monthly and Joong-ang Monthly, both issued by large daily newspapers.

Featured image above: From news on South Korean cable TV channel MBN 24th April 2024 featuring Mother Moon. Screenshot from live transmission by FFWPU 26th April 2024.

Text. Knut Holdhus

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