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Unchanging Truth and Its Changing Expression

Michael Balcomb

Father and Mother Moon teach unchanging truth, but its expression is going through a change

Part 1 of a lecture given by Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of the Family Federation for Europe and the Middle East, given at an international prayer meeting by Zoom on 1st May 2024.

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I will present the 7th lecture in the series that we’ve been following on the Theology of True Parents, or the Christology of True Parents. And I’m adding a subtitle, “The Importance of a New Understanding in the Era of the Heavenly Kingdom (‘Cheonilguk era’ in Korean)”. This is adapted from a lecture by Jin-choon Kim entitled “Heavenly Parent’s Ideal and True Parents’ Lives”.

But first I will give an introduction to it.

The unchanging truth of God and its changing expression

Mother Moon
Mother Moon, Hak Ja Han, on 4th Feb. 2020. Photo: FFWPU

The first part of it, is to understand Mother Moon‘s heart about the unchanging truth of God, while the reality is that the expression of that truth changes.

We’re very familiar with this from the introduction to the Divine Principle, which speaks a lot about the need for a new expression of truth, whilst at the same time pointing out that the scriptures that we have so far are but a textbook.

And sometimes you need to upgrade your textbook and learn something new. And Mother Moon, in almost every speech, says something like this,

“Our almighty and all-knowing God is the same at the beginning and at the end.” (Mother Moon Nov. 2023)

What she means by this is that God will definitely fulfill His dream, Her dream, the dream that was there at the very beginning of creation, when Adam and Eve were young and in the Garden.

Yes, history has been a miserable and long deviation from that. However, in the end God will prevail. And because that’s the case, no matter what we do, or what happens, eventually God‘s will shall be fulfilled.

But as we know, it does depend on human responsibility as well, if it’s to happen in the shortest possible time.

Another way of saying this, of course, comes from the Book of Revelation 22;13, where God says,

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

So, Mother Moon is simply articulating a well-known Biblical principle.

Plant growth
Plant growing at different stages illustration. Illustration: Scene Vectors by Vecteezy

The truth, which maybe you could consider as the sun – the truth of God – is constant, but how we receive it depends on the stage of our spiritual growth.

It’s planted as a seed, as Jesus said in one parable, and then if we nurture that seed, our spiritual life grows and progresses. But if it falls on dry ground, stony ground, then it will never mature within us, which is the goal.

By the same token, God‘s revelation progresses according to our own spiritual growth, humanity as a whole. And as we heard […] this evening, we’ve come to a time when it’s time for all religions, including our own, to get off and move together to the final destination.

In the introduction to Divine Principle there’s a somewhat challenging space I excerpt here.

“It may be displeasing to religious believers, especially to Christians, to learn that a new expression of truth must appear. They believe that the scriptures they have are already perfect and flawless. Certainly, truth itself is unique, eternal, immutable and absolute. Scriptures, however, are not the truth itself, but are textbooks teaching the truth.” (Exposition of the Divine Principle, p7)

Divine Principle 1973 teaching unchanging truth
The Divine Principle, 2nd edition, 1973.

And later on, in the chapter on the Consummation of human history, there’s guidance for people who are faced in a time of change with new insights and new truths,

“Those who can perceive spiritual things, however, will understand the providence of the new age spiritually, and come to respond to it, even though they may face discrepancies between the new view of truth and that of the old age.” (Divine Principle, 1973 translation, p135)

It continues on the nest page,

“We should not be attached to conventional ideas, but should at all costs find the new truth, leading us to the providence of the new age.” (Ibid. p136)

And believers in the Last Days

“must try to perceive spiritual things through humble prayer.” (Ibid. p136)

This is why Mother Moon is so keen on emphasizing the importance of devotion, of prayer. This is also why we do these long vigil prayers and many other conditions like the one we’re doing now, because we need help from God to perceive spiritual things. And humble prayer is the way.

Father Moon said this back in the 1970s when I joined the movement,

“We must understand that the Divine Principle which you study is not all of the truth. It is just a small part of the total truth. There is a tremendous amount which you dont understand yet.” (Unofficial notes from a speech by Father Moon titled “The Unification Theological Seminary”, 24th April 1992.)

Of course, Mother Moon has recently been saying similar things.

“In the future, the Divine Principle will need many updates. It covers the time only until the 1960s. True Parents’ teachings cover the time after the 1960s. So therefore the True Parents’ scriptures must emerge.”

Second Advent
Facsimile from Exposition of the Divine Principle, p381

I guess it’s a matter of time. And particularly Mother Moon said,

“The section on the Second Coming in the second part of the Divine Principle has to be about the True Parents. Life is not born from man alone. God created both man and woman.”

And this theme, of course, underlies a lot of what Mother Moon is saying today.

We need to look again even at the Divine Principle, from a more balanced perspective. We are informed by the True Parents that only a couple, man and woman together, can provide salvation. God’s ideal is a couple together. God‘s very nature, as explained in Genesis 1;29, is male and female.

So let’s take another look at this statement from the Divine Principle. We’ll read it again.

“It may be displeasing to religious believers, especially to Christians, to learn that a new expression of truth must appear. They believe the scriptures they have are already perfect and flawless.”

And I’ve taken the liberty of updating this,

“It may be displeasing to religious believers, including Unificationists, to learn that a new expression of truth must appear. We believe that the scriptures we have are already perfect and flawless.”

And of course, Mother Moon is saying that they’re incomplete. There’s more to come.

And that’s why we’ve been studying for the last seven weeks, this new understanding of the True Parents’ Theology.

Continued in part 2, part 3.

Featured image above: Dr. Michael Balcomb. Photo: FFWPU

“Unchanging Truth and Its Changing Expression” – text: Dr. Michael Balcomb

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